Awardco's Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Last Updated: May 2023

Awardco firmly believes that environmental responsibility is vital for achieving sustainable growth and development. As such, we are dedicated to providing safe and healthy workspaces for our employees and visitors, whilst complying with all environmental laws and regulations.

We strive to integrate environmental sustainability into all aspects of our business. We understand that a clean and sustainable environment is just as important as a positive and engaging workplace culture. Therefore, we are committed to advocating for and leading environmental compliance initiatives, and continuously seek ways to improve our environmental practices.

To achieve this, we have established internal policies and processes that prioritise responsibility in our economic growth, energy and water consumption, waste reduction and increased recycling culture. Paired with our internal initiatives is our strategic partnerships with global fulfilment and distribution providers that uphold and lead the innovation in ESG initiatives.

At Awardco, we hold all of our suppliers, whether domestic or foreign, to the same high standard of environmental responsibility. It is our firm belief that purchasing products and resources from organisations that have a commitment to sustainability is crucial to promoting a cleaner, more sustainable future.

To ensure that our suppliers meet our expectations, we require them to have environmentally responsible and sustainable strategies and practices in place. We also conduct supplier surveys for new fulfilment providers which assess their environmental practices to ensure that they meet our standards. By adhering to these strict requirements, we can confidently promote and support environmentally conscious practices throughout our supply chain.

Through our strategic partnerships and internal focus, we are actively working towards creating a cleaner, more sustainable future for ourselves, our communities, and our planet.