Recognition for HR Teams

Retain and Engage Your Staff, Without Breaking the Budget

HR teams have a lot on their plates—make your life easier with recognition through Awardco.

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People Ops Pain Points

Challenges HR Teams Face

Retention: Keeping employees engaged and satisfied
Budget: Improving culture with a limited budget
Time Constraints: Juggling many time-consuming responsibilities

Recognition Is the Solution HR Requires

Effective recognition can reduce turnover, boost loyalty, and build a culture of engagement and motivation.

How does Awardco assist your retention efforts?

You can customise any number of recognition programmes to fit your people, your culture, and your needs, ensuring that everyone feels appreciated and valued, from day one.

Notable Retention Features:

  • Create customisable recognition programmes that reach everyone
  • Implement incentives that drive productive behaviours and reward your top performers
  • Offer millions of reward options so that everyone gets items that are meaningful to them
  • One Awardco client, Wow! mobile boutique, saw their attrition drop by 30% after implementing Awardco.

How can Awardco help you maximise your budget?

Utilise non-monetary and monetary recognition programmes to spread more love without spreading around more cash. Plus, with clear budgeting tools and no markups, your money stretches further than ever.

Notable Budgeting Features:

  • Transparent, simple budgeting reports on the platform for total visibility
  • No markups or hidden fees—when you reward a dollar, employees get a dollar
  • Use monetary AND non-monetary peer recognition, manager recognition and more to build your culture

How does Awardco help you save time?

Drastically reduce administration time with Awardco’s intuitive platform and features. Plus, utilise the robust automation tools to eliminate manual processes.

Notable Time-Saving Features:

  • Automation features that eliminate manual processes
  • Reporting, data and budgets all on one platform for easy access
  • Diverse integrations fit recognition seamlessly with your existing tools
  • One client, CloudFit Software saved 5-8 hours every week after switching to Awardco

Customer story

Other HR + People Ops companies we work with

“In using Awardco we found a much simpler way to facilitate rewards—not to mention my accounts department loved the idea of not having to repeatedly reconcile a massive spreadsheet. Now I can budget rewards and put it all in one place, and not even worry about it.”

Brett Child
Co-Founder, Executive Vice President

“We didn’t want or need a bunch of bells and whistles. We needed an efficient platform that would empower the recognition and reward programs we wanted to run. Awardco has worked so well—and continues to work so well.”

Michael Cioffi
Director, Marketing, Communication, and Experience

Awardco has provided significant time savings. Our previous programme was clunky, manual, and time consuming. Now, with the automation capabilities available through Awardco, my team saves 5-8 hours a week!

Kymberlee Stephens
Director of Employee Experience and Wellness

“Before Awardco we had no idea how many gift cards were going out or when, but now we have real-time budgetary updates. It’s been a game changer.”

Jodi Gonzales
HR Manager

“One of the biggest things we were looking for was a platform that’s easily accessible for all of our employees. We needed it to be simple and intuitive, and not require a lot of training.”

Lauren Long
HR Operations Manager