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Attract and retain top talent.

The tech industry is booming—establish a competitive position with effective recognition.

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Technology Industry Statistics

State of the tech industry:

turnover rate—the highest of any sector1
increase in voluntary employee turnover1
average tenure2
reason employees leave is not feeling valued3

A Boost for Your Culture

Employee recognition increases retention and lowers turnover.

Tech employees are willing to jump ship for greener pastures—retain your best people with personalised employee recognition.

You’re busy—utilise stress-free employee recognition.

Automated recognition programmes, such as birthdays, service awards, Lifestyle Savings Accounts and peer-to-peer, boost your culture without giving you more work.

Save Yourself Time

No more gift cards or rewards that don’t excite.

Rewards are only effective when they’re meaningful. Offer millions of global rewards through Amazon, along with so much more, so that every employee is chuffed.

Access Unmatched Rewards

Attracting and retaining is tough in tech—recognition can help.

Use recognition as a competitive advantage, and you’ll attract and retain the best talent. It’s really that simple.

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Customer story

Reaching global employees, simplifying tax, and upgrading company culture? Not a problem for Percepta and Awardco.

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