Recognition for the C-Suite

Keep Employees Around, Engaged and Productive

Balancing productivity, well-being, engagement and benefits for all your employees is tough. Make it easier with recognition through Awardco.

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C-Suite Pain Points

Challenges Facing Executive Teams

Productivity: Keeping employees working hard without too much pressure
Culture: Creating a culture employees love with a limited budget
Retention: Retaining everyone from your top performers to your newest hire

Recognition Is the Solution Executives Need

Effective recognition boosts productivity, transforms your culture and increases employee loyalty—all without spending much more than you already are.

How can Awardco boost productivity?

Feeling recognised, valued, and appreciated drives motivation and engagement, which, in turn, increase productivity. And Awardco makes it easy to spread those feelings to everyone.

Notable Motivational Features:

  • Customise your recognition programmes to reach every employee
  • Offer millions of reward options so that everyone gets items that are meaningful to them
  • Create a variety of incentives, such as sales, wellness, and goal-oriented, to drive productive behaviour

How does Awardco build culture?

Use Lifestyle Spending Accounts, the social recognition feed, milestone celebrations, and more to build up a culture that people love.

Notable Culture-Building Features:

  • Lifestyle Spending Accounts allow you to reallocate your budget towards personalised employee benefits
  • Holiday and milestone recognition programmes spread cheer and joy all year round
  • Peer recognition and manager recognition ensure everyone feels connected to your culture

How does Awardco help you save money?

Recognition doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg—in fact, we make it easy to save money whilst actually improving your recognition strategy.

Notable Budgeting Features:

  • Transparent financing and role-based budgets make it easy to see exactly where your money is going
  • Zero markups, zero hidden fees and world-wide fulfilment makes effective recognition affordable
  • Use non-monetary recognition to spread feelings of appreciation without spending a penny
  • One Awardco client is spending less money than before whilst seeing a bigger impact

Customer story

Other CEO + C-Suite companies we work with

“Maintaining growth is hard at any time, but especially when you’re growing so fast. Awardco helps us get buy-in from all our employees, new and old, by incrementally rewarding our values that contribute to our mission and drive.”

Brett Child
Co-Founder, Executive Vice President

“We’ve given our employees something they never had before: the power to choose their own rewards. And if that wasn’t enough, we save money because the products aren’t marked up! Awardco truly brought our recognition programs into the 21st century.”

Jeff Jensen
Director of HR

“The deciding factor with Awardco was really the flexibility of the platform to meet our business needs…we view Awardco as a partner to meet those needs.”

Brenda Neuhoff
Director of Total Rewards

“I love the simplicity of the program and the ease of taxes. We were really worried about that, but it’s been really easy.”

Nealy Whisler
Global Director of Talent Management

‍“Getting buy-in was super easy. No one really questions it. After all, what’s wrong with recognizing people and telling them they did a good job?”

Christina Castro
Training Leader