Recognition for Finance Teams

Help Finance Employees Feel Like a Million Pounds

Finance teams do a lot of important work that often goes unnoticed—recognition can help them feel valued and supported without adding any manual processes or stress.

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Finance Manager Pain Points

Common Challenges Finance Teams Face

Disconnected Work: Employees may not know how their work contributes to the larger mission of the company.
Inefficient Processes: Finance teams often deal with manual programmes and time-intensive processes.
Feeling Undervalued: Finance work is often overlooked, meaning finance employees feel similarly.

Recognition Solutions for Finance Teams

Effective recognition not only helps employees feel more valued, but it also builds purpose and engagement—all without adding much work to anyone’s workload.

How does Awardco help build purpose at work?

By recognising employees for the potentially overlooked work they do, you show that their work matters. Plus, build recognition programmes based around your core values to create a connection between employees and culture.

Notable Purpose-Building Features:

  • Reinforce each employee’s feelings of purpose and value with meaningful spot recognition from managers, leaders, and peers. 
  • Create core value-driven recognition that builds employees’ connection to your culture.
  • Help employees build connections between teammates and co-workers with peer-to-peer recognition

How can Awardco assist in saving your time?

The Awardco platform is designed for efficiency and automation—Finance leaders can make a significant impact on employee engagement and satisfaction with barely any additional work.

Noteworthy Efficiency Features:

  • Automated communications, reporting, and recognition reminders reduce manual work
  • Data, reports, employee info and budgeting all on a single platform
  • Integrations that incorporate recognition into your existing programmes

How does Awardco build feelings of value?

Use a range of customisable recognition programmes that are only limited by your imagination to show frequent appreciation—then show greater value with rewards that your people will love.

Notable Value-Building Features:

  • Customisable recognition programmes to fit any team
  • Millions of reward options to suit any employee’s personality and interests
  • Incentives that reward hard work and drive productive behaviours

Customer story

Other Finance companies we work with

“Awardco actually cost us less than what we were doing in the past and it’s had a bigger impact on our ROI and employee engagement.”

Jay Adhvaryu
Director of Finance and Compliance

‍“What I love most is the reporting aspect. It’s something that reinforces the impact of Awardco, and it shows that the work we’re doing is paying off.”

Marko Brkic
Employee Experience Manager

‍“Awardco allows everything to support our core values and our mission, which is very important to us because that strengthens our culture.”

Lauren Long
HR Operations Manager

“I was really looking for a user-friendly, up-to-date, and easy-to-use programme that can expand in different ways, and I found it with Awardco.”

Shaye McCoy
Senior Analyst Total Rewards

Awardco has provided significant time savings. Our previous programme was clunky, manual, and time consuming. Now, with the automation capabilities available through Awardco, my team saves 5-8 hours a week!

Kymberlee Stephens
Director of Employee Experience and Wellness