Employee Rewards & Recognition with Amazon Business

Millions of Reward Options on a Global Scale

Awardco is the only official employee recognition partner of Amazon Business, creating the largest reward network on the planet.

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Awardco Testimonial

Awardco’s partnership with Amazon allowed me to choose something I could actually use, instead of something that would sit in a drawer for years.”

—Dallin H.

Amazon Business offers zero mark-ups & Easy Shipping

Stress-Free for Administrators, Rewarding for Employees

Amazon Business offers employees

Benefit: Free Shipping
Stress-free shipping, doorstep delivery, and zero inventory headaches for you and your teams.
Benefit: Zero Markups
High mark-ups are a thing of the past. Reward your employees, not your suppliers.
Benefit: Millions of Rewards
Give employees the power to choose from the largest reward network on the planet.

International Award Network

Where in the world is Awardco?

Just about everywhere. We service countries all over the globe and we're ready to grow with your company as you expand.

We can support you whether you're recognising and rewarding employees in Moscow, Idaho or Moscow, Russia. Or one of the other 30 cities also named Moscow.


Countries with Amazon fulfillment


Gift card options across the globe


Fully supported currencies


Countries with Amazon fulfillment

Customer story

Awardco offered Hertz the ability to use Amazon in their rewards and recognition programmes, providing a consistent experience across all of their business centres.

Other brands we work with

Utah Jazz

Frequently asked questions

What is Awardco?

Awardco is the only employee recognition platform that offers a unique partnership with Amazon Business on a robust, simple, and powerful platform. Think of it this way: Awardco is everything you love about Amazon, but for your employee rewards and recognition programmes. Build employee loyalty and create a culture of recognition through spot recognition and social feeds, foster a culture of appreciation through automated service awards and offer millions of rewards options with zero markups through Amazon Business.

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business takes everything you know and trust from Amazon and tailors it to your business. With Amazon business you can take advantage of options such as exclusive cost savings, Prime Delivery and multi-user accounts. Amazon Business affords businesses the control they need and the options they want to best serve the needs of their organisation.

Why haven’t I heard of this before?

As the field of employee loyalty and recognition has grown we realised that traditional offerings in this space were inadequate. Limited catalogues often lead to rewards employees don't want and high product markups mean less reward value goes to the employee. Awardco stepped into this space in 2015 to fix these problems, and in 2018 partnered with Amazon Business to provide the most powerful employee rewards and recognition platform available.

Does your solution fit the needs and size of my organization?

Both Awardco and Amazon Business are designed to cater to any size, whether you have 100 or 100,000 employees. Keep it simple by utilising the vast network of reward options to recognise your employees or ramp up your programmes through automated service awards, spot recognitions, social feeds, and more. Enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Business for your employee recognition platform with Awardco, no matter your size.