Recognition in Higher Education

Appreciate those who educate

Higher education shapes the future—recognize the educators and administrators who make it happen.

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Higher Education Statistics

State of the higher education industry

turnover rate—2X higher than 2020-211
of higher education staff are likely to switch jobs2
of higher education staff don’t feel valued2
are dissatisfied with their jobs2

Benefits of Employee Recognition

Increase retention. Boost engagement. Improve satisfaction

Higher education workers are overworked, undervalued, and willing to jump ship for better opportunities. Retain your best talent with employee recognition.

Utilize stress-free automation to save yourself time.

Automated recognition programs, communication, and reports boost your culture without giving you more work—one Awardco client saves 8 hours per week!

Save Yourself Time

Reach teachers, administrators, and everyone in between.

Utilize digital tools, a recognition social feed, and offline recognition cards to easily recognize and reward everyone at your institution.

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Rewards that your staff will love.

No more lackluster pins or plaques for services awards and other rewards. Access millions of reward options to truly show your appreciation.

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Customer story

Because The Nest Schools switched to Awardco, they have saved time, have more freedom of customisation, and have engaged and recognised more of their staff.

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