Upgrading Recognition Capabilities in Education

Because The Nest Schools switched to Awardco, they have saved time, have more freedom of customisation, and have engaged and recognised more of their staff.

At A Glance

1000+ employees
6-8 hours saved each week
Improved retention

About The Nest Schools

The Nest Schools offers child care, preschool and daycare services focused on promoting kindness, wellness, learning and fun. Their overarching goal is to set up children for a lifetime of happiness and success.

The Challenge

What can you do when your existing recognition system doesn't make the grade?

With The Nest School’s previous vendor, they had three major pain points that they wanted to improve:

  1. Slow customer service
  2. Time-intensive and manual reward fulfilment processes
  3. Restricted recognition reporting

In short, they needed a recognition programme with enhanced capabilities.

Automation is something that is really important for us—we try to automate as much as we can so that we can focus on what's important. And Awardco's automation and integrations have fitted in perfectly

Brittany Madonna
Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications

The Solution

Better Support, Customisation and Reach

After making the switch to Awardco, The Nest Schools is able to get the support they need quickly no matter the issue including creating custom recognition solutions. Program creation, implementation and management have all been streamlined.

Regarding their custom programs, The Nest Schools have also saved 6-8 hours of administrative time each week because of how simple and automated reward fulfilment now is. No more manual processes, spreadsheet headaches or time-consuming reporting.

Finally, The Nest Schools expanded their recognition efforts to reach more people, regardless of where they worked while also improving their data gathering and reporting capabilities. This made it easier than ever to create a culture of appreciation that reached everyone.

The Solution

Enhanced Engagement and Retention

The Nest Schools’ recognition programme awards people with “Nest Eggs” when they exemplify their core values go above and beyond or do something kind and they’ve tried to spread these rewards to as many of their people as possible.

To test the reach of their recognition programme, the Director of Core Values, Sara Beer, travels to different school locations to check up on employees. She says, “I’ll go in person to different schools for a culture temperature check. I’ll talk to each teacher and without fail, every single one of them talks about how much they love the recognition programme.”

This buy-in has had a real impact. The Nest Schools tracks the engagement with their recognition platform at each of their locations and they’ve seen an interesting correlation: locations that recognise more have a lower turnover while the opposite holds true for locations that recognise less. This shows that when people feel valued they’re more likely to stay.

Just managing our custom rewards felt like a full-time job with our previous supplier—it took all day every Friday. With Awardco, I don’t have to do any of the manual fulfilment work anymore. I’m saving 6-8 hours a week, just managing orders.

Sara Beer
Director of Core Values

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