Recognition in the Public Sector

Lower stress and reduce burnout.

Employees in the public sector often work challenging, thankless jobs. It's time we changed that.

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Public Sector Statistics

See the figures:

of government employees feel burnt out1
of government employees want to change jobs1
increase in government employee turnover from 20211
of government employees want more recognition2

Making Government Work More Rewarding

Create a workplace where employees feel valued and supported.

Burnout is up, turnover is high, and public sector employees don’t feel appreciated—effective recognition improves these issues.

Create a culture of appreciation without straining your budget.

Maximise your existing budget by creating recognition programmes for both monetary and non-monetary rewards, developing a culture where employees feel valued and seen.

Start Recognising

You’re busy. Your employees feel underappreciated. Recognition solves both problems.

Depend on recognition automation to celebrate birthdays, holidays and employee milestones without any extra work.

Enjoy Automation

Let’s make government work more rewarding for everyone.

No more thankless jobs for those working in the public sector. It’s time we helped them feel valued and appreciated.

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