April 12, 2024
March 18, 2024

Modernizing Service Milestones With MemoryBooks

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Like a High School Yearbook, but Better.
And for Work

We’ve all been there: you’re hard at work on a project when a card is slid onto your desk in your peripheral vision. You take out your headphones, turn around and give a questioning look to John. “It’s for Savannah—it’s her 5 year anniversary with the company. Keep it quiet though, we want it to be a surprise!” You write a brief message and pass it on in similar fashion and so it goes.

That’s how employee service milestones have been done since offices have been a thing and it works. But just because something works doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make it better, especially if we have better technology. If we have digital reminders to close the garage door or turn down the thermostat, surely we can have a digital way to celebrate work anniversaries and employee milestones, right? We certainly thought so—and so we are proud to introduce MemoryBooks, a brand new, all-digital, revolutionary way to celebrate anniversaries with Awardco.

A Digital Service Award Experience Like No Other


In a world that includes a smart device for so many different aspects of life, there was still a lack of technological advancements in the service award and employee service milestone landscape. Awardco has brought digital power to the service award industry with MemoryBooks. Show your employees your gratitude with a unique digital experience—one that works whether your employees are in-office, on mobile or remote—and save time and effort with the digital MemoryBook tools at your disposal.

Participation Reminders

It’s easy to forget service anniversaries when you also have to remember birthdays, holidays and all the work projects on your plate. With the automated reminders available to you through MemoryBooks, you can send out reminders to yourself and any other invited participants ahead of time. Never let an anniversary go unnoticed as you invite teammates, colleagues, managers and others to celebrate the moments that matter.


Celebrations and employee milestones are much more meaningful when personalised. Think about a thank you card with a few signatures compared to a thank you card with heartfelt messages and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Writing fuzzy messages isn’t everyone’s strong suit, and we get that, so we’ve included features to encourage more participation. With MemoryBooks, all participants can upload pictures, add personal comments to make it more powerful and share memories together. On top of that, you can include a message from the CEO to make it even more impactful so the employee feels all the feels.

Celebrate in Style

A celebration is more powerful when shared with those you care about. MemoryBooks allows everyone to see each other’s MemoryBooks in the recognition feed and join in on the party, even if they weren’t able (or forgot!) to leave a note in the MemoryBook itself. Pretty sweet, right?

Why MemoryBooks?

Taking note of and celebrating every employee service anniversary can quickly become a full-time job. It’s not that you don’t want to recognise each one, it’s that it’s just too time consuming to remember each anniversary. Best case scenario is a quick card passed around the team, some messages like “You’re great!” hastily scribbled and maybe a gift card. We’ve taken that old-timey way of doing things and brought it into the digital age—with more power, more capabilities and more automation.

We’re excited to offer this feature to help increase employee engagement, company culture and productivity in your organisation and to give you the chance to see what a true engagement vehicle feels like.

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