Scaling Global Recognition and Engagement

Reaching global employees, simplifying tax, and upgrading company culture? Not a problem for Percepta and Awardco.

At A Glance

United global teams
33% better program adoption
Simple, customisable programmes

About Percepta

Percepta is passionate about people. Since its inception, Percepta has been dedicated to delivering a frictionless customer experience across every touchpoint for all of their global clients.

The Challenge

How do you connect with global employees and ensure everyone feels appreciated?

With thousands of employees spread all over the world, and remote work keeping them isolated, Percepta knew they needed a way to keep everyone engaged and feeling appreciated. They wanted a global, cohesive employee recognition and rewards platform, but they were concerned about fulfilment, taxes and logistics.

“The Awardco platform enables us to reach our global employee base (4,500 and growing) easily and effectively, rewarding them in their own currency.”

Tammy Godby
Senior Manager, Global Organizational Development

The Solution

Global Reach With Little Hassle

The main goal Percepta had when implementing Awardco was reaching all of their employees in a meaningful way, no matter where they worked. For their worldwide workforce, one of the biggest concerns Percepta had initially was tax implications and global logistics, but with Awardco, they’ve been able to recognise and reward global employees without a hitch.

Besides taxes, rewarding people all around the world in their own currency was a potential pain point that Percepta was aware of—but they used Awardco to seamlessly make rewards exciting and equitable for everyone, no matter where they work.

The Solution

Exciting Programmes to Fuel Adoption

When it comes to any change in a company, employee enthusiasm and adoption strictly follows the example of leadership. And Percepta has knocked it out of the park with their rewards and recognition implementation.

Because leaders at Percepta are so invested in recognising and rewarding their employees, they’ve seen phenomenal adoption and growth in their recognition platform:

  • Average login rate is 80% compared to the average industry rate of 46%
  • Average recognition rate is 92% compared to 69%
  • Average redemption rate is 83% compared to 60%
  • Recognitions per user (RPU) is 3.73

This building momentum has helped Percepta’s global employee base thrive through the pandemic and beyond.

“I love the simplicity of the programme and the ease of taxes. We were really worried about that, but it’s been really easy.”

Nealy Whipler
Global Direct of Talent Management

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