Modernising Recognition to Meet Employee Expectations

CPS Group has upgraded their recognition programme with automation and customisation, creating a web of appreciation that boosts the culture in each of their locations.

At A Glance

900+ employees
4 recognition programmes
≈20% increase in management approval scores

About CPS Group

CPS Group is a group of manufacturing and design companies dedicated to innovative product solutions in the semiconductor, life science, chemical processing, gas systems and wastewater industries.

The Challenge

How do you ensure you recognize and celebrate each employee in a timely way?

CPS Group used to have a very hands-on system that only recognised employees every five years of tenure. People weren’t being recognised enough and occasionally these milestones were forgotten. CPS Group wanted a platform that would allow for more frequent and more rewarding recognition.

"People actually feel like they matter and that they’re recognised. They don’t feel forgotten."

Nicole Blaschka
Director of Human Resources

The Solution

Spreading Timely Recognition to Everyone

CPS Group’s previous recognition system relied on management remembering employees’ birthdays and service anniversaries. As a result, dates were occasionally forgotten and employees were left out.

But with Awardco, CPS Group has been able to automate the process and spread recognition to more employees more often. Now, it’s not just the people who last for 5 years getting recognised—everyone is recognised by both leaders and peers in a timely manner, and no one is forgotten.

Plus, rewards are no longer confined to a plaque or a crystal trophy. Instead, employees get to choose rewards that are meaningful to them.

Because of these changes, CPS Group has seen close to a 20% increase in whether employees feel cared for by management, as recorded in their employee engagement surveys. Their people feel more valued and appreciated, and it shows.

The Solution

Creating an Interlinked, Compounding Culture

With over 900 employees spread throughout 8 different companies in multiple different states, CPS Group wanted a programme that could help people feel more connected and involved in company culture.

They implemented a peer-to-peer recognition programme to do just that. Now anyone can recognise anyone else, regardless of location, and the social feed allows everyone to see who hit a milestone, who got recognised, etc.

This visibility has brought their separate offices together and created a culture where employees are excited for each other and feel supported by the people around them.

“Awardco has taken the guesswork out of our culture—leadership knows they're not treating anyone unfairly or unconsciously showing favouritism. Recognition is a lot more consistent and frequent for everyone.”

Nicole Blaschka
Director of Human Resources

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