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April 12, 2024
March 18, 2024

Goodness Grants September 2023 - Mark & Amber Leck

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Just minutes after delivery, Mark and Amber Leck were told that their first child, Aubrey, had Down Syndrome. They were shocked, not knowing what life would look like or what Aubrey’s needs would be. During their hospital stay, Nurse Cathy, who has a child with Down Syndrome as well, paid them a visit. Their whole perspective changed when Cathy told them this would be one of the biggest blessings of their life!

Since that experience, Mark and Amber wanted every parent to have someone to turn to like Cathy. They started the United Angels Foundation as a parent and family support group to offer tools, community and education, because they recognise that one of the best ways to help the child is to help the parents!

The foundation specialises in connecting parents with other families in their area. These families are able to learn from one another, support each other and create lifelong friendships.  

Throughout the year, United Angels organises activities to better foster this sense of community. One activity is their annual Walk with Angels, which includes a community walk, food trucks, activities, performances from local talent and more! This is always a highlight of the year as families walk together to the song “Angels Among Us.” Children walk with a sea of people who love them. It is a powerful moment that brings unity throughout the rest of the year. 

We are inspired by the work that Amber and Mark have done and are honoured to feature them as our September 2023 Goodness Grant recipients! If you would like to learn more or get involved with the United Angels Foundation, visit their website here.

Do you know someone who selflessly gives of their time and effort to help others around them? Nominate them for a Goodness Grant! Each month we will choose one nominee and highlight them as the recipient of our Goodness Grant, which includes a prize of £1,000, to support them in their efforts. To read more stories, or nominate someone for a Goodness Grant, click here.

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