Using Incentives to Build a Culture of Recognition

BPM is built around the notion that people matter, and they demonstrated this when they utilised Awardco to foster a culture of rewarding recognition and gratitude.

At A Glance

34 recognition programmes
11.6 recognitions per user
98% of users recognized


BPM is one of the largest public accounting and advisory firms in the nation, but they're built differently. They've designed their business around people—Because People Matter.

The Challenge

How do you incentivise participation and build excitement around your culture?

When BPM decided to switch employee recognition vendors, they wanted to create an exciting culture of recognition that got people involved. But how to do it?

“We use recognition as a tool to motivate and encourage our employees—everyone knows Awardco because we actively use it for any and all incentives for employees.”

Monica Delgado
Senior Manager of Total Rewards & Wellbeing at BPM

The Solution

Start Off With a Bang

To start off on the right foot, BPM created a virtual live event to kick off the launch of Awardco. They prepared a presentation, held a raffle and gave away prizes to get their employees excited about their new recognition platform.

BPM also provides employees with a quarterly allotment of points that they can give to coworkers and colleagues, which quickly incentivised everyone to use the platform right off the bat.

Since then, they’ve stayed active on the platform, creating 34 recognition programmes(!) for their employees to participate in, which has driven their sky-high recognition rate.

The Solution

Drive Engagement With Incentives

BPM didn’t stop with a stellar launch strategy—they’ve continued to reinforce the importance of recognition since the beginning. Now, to keep everyone involved and invested, they give out points as often as they can.

From wellness programme participation to birthday celebrations, BPM hands out Awardco points as frequently as they can, and this has led to a culture where people feel rewarded, supported, and valued.

Now, BPM’s recognition rate is one of the highest ever on the Awardco platform!

"We really like the redemption options and how Awardco integrates with Amazon—the platform's ease-of-use has empowered us to handle our growing employee population."

Monica Delgado
Senior Manager of Total Rewards & Wellbeing at BPM

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