Maximising Both Productivity and Recognition

ClickUp increased productivity and effectiveness of their recognition programmes, which strengthened their culture of appreciation.

At A Glance

94% recognition rate
96% login rate
850+ global employees

About ClickUp

ClickUp is dedicated to helping companies elevate their workplaces and make the world more productive through their all-in-one platform to rule them all.

The Challenge

Outdated recognition, wasted time, and ineffective appreciation.

Their clunky, outdated recognition programme meant ClickUp was wasting time for minimal returns. They needed an updated solution to help them better live their motto: save one day every week.

Deanna Tindell
People Operations Specialist

The Solution

New Automation and Reporting to Save Time

ClickUp had a recognition solution before Awardco—it was an app in Slack and everything else was totally manual and very involved. And they had zero reporting capabilities. As a productivity platform, they wanted to put their values into action.

After switching to Awardco, they’ve taken advantage of automation, reporting and budgeting that’s far more powerful than before:

  • Automation. Deanna Tindell, the HR admin at ClickUp, used to handle service awards and swag herself, with no digital help. Now, with automated emails, reminders and fulfilment, everyone gets genuine recognition and personalised rewards as soon as they need—and Deanna is saving 10 hours a month at minimum.
  • Reporting. ClickUp now has much better insights into their recognition efforts and the ROI of those efforts. For example, they saw that recognitions were mostly given out at the end of each month, so they implemented an automated recognition reminder email to go out in the middle of each month. Now, recognitions are much more level throughout the weeks.
  • Budgeting. ClickUp’s accounting team loves seeing where money is and where it’s going. This transparency has helped them expand their budget, add new cost centres and track everything, right in the platform.

The Solution

Better Recognition to Build Culture

With the greater capabilities and time savings, ClickUp has used recognition to build and strengthen their culture of appreciation. They’ve improved their service awards started a birthday program and implemented an onboarding program to help new hires feel recognised from day one.

However, the most impressive program they’ve created is their peer-to-peer program. Because of the enhanced productivity and budgeting capabilities Awardco offers, ClickUp created their Crew Member Click Bucks program, which awards every full-time employee 100 points each month to hand out to their peers.

This is a huge part of their culture and has gotten employees excited to recognise each other more often. And they have the ROI to prove it:

  • 96% login rate
  • 94% recognition rate
  • 75% redemption rate

Their employees are using the platform, recognising each other and being rewarded.

"Awardco has helped us build and maintain the culture of appreciation that we know is imperative to great work. We've seen first-hand that when employees feel appreciated, they are more productive."

Deanna Tindell
People Operations Specialist

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