April 12, 2024
March 18, 2024

AwardCodes: Offline Recognition for a Personal Touch

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Employee recognition is important for engaging everyone, from the executive team to Tim in IT who was hired last week. And while the growing trend is to use digital tools to recognise and reward through virtual mediums (digital gift card giving is growing 2.5X faster than physical gift cards), that’s not ideal for everyone. What about offline employees?

For employees who don’t use computers, don’t have a work email, or can’t easily access a screen, offline recognition is vital. That’s why we created AwardCodes. AwardCodes are customisable and will help expand your recognition efforts to all your employees, no matter where they work. They can have any amount of points on them, and they can be given out to anyone at any time at any place! 

Our goal was to make recognising and valuing every employee super simple and easy. Industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and food/beverage (among many others) often struggle to recognise their offline employees. After all, a digital thank you card won’t mean much to an employee who isn't in front of a computer. 

AwardCodes solves this problem by enhancing employee recognition and making it more memorable through face-to-face experiences. Managers can simply walk up to their employee, thank them for their hard work, and give them an AwardCode with points. How cool and easy is that? 

What You Need to Know About AwardCodes:

  • Create an experience for any employee, any time.
  • Easy rewards for contests, participation, giveaways, and more.
  • Budget isn’t spent until redemption & unused budget is returned.
  • Secure redemption on the Awardco platform.
  • No more stacks of purchased gift cards.

Let’s dive into how they work and how you can use them. 

How Do AwardCodes Work?

This is the best part—all that’s required is for the recipient to scan the AwardCode with their phone. That allows them to claim their points and easily redeem them through Awardco for amazing rewards! It’s easy, effective and awesome for employees across all industries and in all work environments.

We thought about administrators, too, by making budgeting a breeze. No budget is spent until each employee redeems their code (goodbye drawers full of dusty, unused gift cards!), you can track each code to see where/when it’s spent, and employees must use their login to redeem each code—so security’s top-notch. AwardCodes are easy, secure and convenient for all.

What Are the Best Ways to Use Them?

The possibilities of using AwardCodes are nearly endless, but we have a few suggestions to get you started.

Include ALL Your Employees in Recognition

Recognition through a digital platform makes it easy to celebrate any employee who uses a computer. But what about warehouse employees, contractors, employees in the field, retail associates, frontline food servicepeople, or anyone who doesn't regularly use a computer for work? These employees may feel ignored if they aren’t recognised as often as their online coworkers.

Now you can hand out recognitions to every single employee at your company, whether they work at a desk or not, and tie it to a reward experience like no other. Every employee deserves to be recognised for their awesomeness, and AwardCodes make it possible.

And you don’t have to interrupt the flow of work—simply pass out an AwardCode on the spot, no fanfare or planning necessary. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Celebrate a Job Well Done

Every employee deserves to feel appreciated, but employees working in the field, or in your store, or on the "front lines" may not feel that love as much as others. AwardCodes give you a chance to expand your recognition efforts to everyone, and help you celebrate accomplishments everywhere.

Make Holidays Special

Instead of buying Valentine’s Day cards for each of your employees, give everyone a few points with a customised AwardCode. Or, for something more interactive, hide AwardCodes inside Easter eggs and stash them around your workplace this Easter. Then, let everyone take a few minutes to go and find one.

Celebrate Birthdays and Life Events

Did one of your employees just buy a house? Maybe someone had a baby recently? Or maybe you want to simply celebrate all of the birthdays in your office. Give these people AwardCodes for a personal touch. Adjust the amount of points you reward them depending on the event (new parents could use a larger amount for baby supplies compared to a regular birthday).

Bolster Contests and Giveaways

It can be hard to think of prizes for contests and giveaways, but not anymore. Simply give out a few AwardCodes and let your winners and contestants choose their own reward. You get to hand out a physical prize and they get to choose a reward that’s meaningful to them—now that’s a win-win.

Welcome New Employees

Make AwardCodes a part of your onboarding process. Instead of simply leaving a shirt or water bottle on each new employees’ desk, leave a note (possibly with a handwritten welcome on it!) that allows them to redeem points for their own choice of swag. That’ll get them started off on the right foot!

One More Way to Reimagine Recognition

Physical gifts that the recipient can pick up and hold have awesome psychological benefits for an employee. Research also shows that physical gifts build a stronger connection between the recipient and your company.

With AwardCodes, you can quickly and easily hand out recognition, allowing you to recognise each and every employee no matter what their responsibilities are or where they work. These are fun, interactive employee rewards that make recognition exciting and inclusive.

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