Rewards They'll Rave About

You'll never choose something that everyone likes, so take the pressure off and let them choose their own reward from the world's largest reward network.

Reward Network

More choices. Happier employees.

A reward doesn't mean much if you give someone something they don't actually want. We've all been there: all too often a gift or "reward" from an employer gets tossed aside or shoved in the back of a closet, until finally you don't feel bad donating it. The end result is it ends up on the rack of your local donation center with all the other fleece vests with company logos.

Thankfully, it's easy to break that cycle with more choices. Awardco offers rewards from Amazon Business, tickets to events, stays at hotels, or thousands of options for gift cards. There's something for everyone—and it's guaranteed not to end up stuffed in a closet. Probably.

Amazon Business

You can get grills on Amazon through Awardco.Health and WellnessAirpodsFurnitureAwardco plus Amazon is powerful.Name Brand Shoes and ApparelInstrumentsYou can get grills on Amazon through Awardco.


Swanky HotelsBig Ben is calling.Mount Fuji in FallBora Bora ain't boring.Go to Italy.Use points to go to Spain.Live the high-life.Mykonos anyone?

Gift Cards

Gift CardsGift CardsGift CardsGift CardsGift CardsGift CardsGift CardsGift Cards


Sporting EventsSporting EventsOutdoor concertsStage Plays and TheaterConcertsFestivals


JacketsBagsWomen's ApparelMen's ShirtsHatsMugsBranded CoatsBackpacks

Zero Markups on rewards

Dollar-for-Dollar Recognition.

The average markup for traditional rewards programs is 88%. With Awardco there are no markups—you get a dollar-for-dollar value on all rewards. We believe the value of a rewards program is what it provides to the employee, and we want to give your employees as much value as possible. Our partnership with companies like Amazon Business allows us to offer free shipping on many products and minimal shipping on others.

Zero Markups
Save on Shipping
with Amazon Business
Avoid Imports
with in-country warehouses

The average markup for traditional rewards programs is

Most markups are mind-blowing.
Smart Award Networks make it easy to award points to be spent on specific items.

Customizable Reward Catalogs

Direct spending with Smart Award Networks.

Set up a Smart Award Network to reward points that can be redeemed in specific categories.

Create a fitness and health program where points can be used on exercise equipment or running shoes. Or a service award program. Or a sales incentive program with sales spiffs. Or a program to supply your remote workforce. Or a company swag program. Or a "best karaoke performance" program. Or a...well, you get the idea.

“Awardco was able to prove that not only was the selection current with products and pricing, but there were no markups as well. The user experience was simple to understand and products arrived directly to our employee’s doorsteps quickly with no shipping fees.”
Bill Miller
TaylorMade Global Human Resource Manager

Custom Company Swag Store

Swag they'll want to wear in public.

One size doesn't fit all, but there's a solution for every body when you let employees choose the colors and sizes they want.

Set up a swag store so you don't have to worry about sourcing or storing products. Items are sent right to the employees with no markups and no shipping costs in the U.S.

Combine this with a Smart Award Networks and you can give your people swag points to spend specifically on company-branded items. AND they'll get something they'll actually use, not like that windbreaker that's buried in the back of their car.

It's never been easier to offer your employees high-quality branded swag.

International Award Network

Where in the world is Awardco?

Just about everywhere. We service countries all over the world and we're ready to grow with your company as you expand.


Countries with Amazon fulfillment


Gift card options across the globe


Fully supported currencies


Customs & import fees with Amazon
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