Building a Culture of Employee Engagement Through Appreciation

Sorenson used Awardco to increase engagement boost platform adoption and build a culture of appreciation—all while saving money.

At A Glance

7,000+ employees worldwide
Cutting-edge tech for the Deaf and hard of hearing
Named to Fortune’s Most Innovative Companies in America 2023

About Sorenson

Sorenson is one of the world’s leading language service providers that combines advanced technology with human-centric services to advance communication across all fronts.

The Challenge

How do you upgrade your outdated recognition platform to better engage and appreciate your employees, especially when they're primarily remote?

Sorenson wanted to offer more effective recognition to more employees—but their old recognition programme didn’t have the capabilities they needed.

“As a developing company, I like to ask myself if we're better than we were a year ago—and with employee recognition and employee engagement, the answer is absolutely.”

Dan Higbee
Senior Director of HR

The Solution

Cutting-Edge, Culture-Building Capabilities

Recognising and rewarding remote employees in an engaging way is tough, especially with an outdated system. However, since upgrading to Awardco, the team at Sorenson has utilised some important features to take their recognition to a whole new level. 

In addition to the digital capabilities that allow leaders and coworkers to recognise their remote peers, these are some of the features Sorenson loves:

  • Video recognitions. Sorenson works with the Deaf and hard of hearing, so this feature allows sign language to be used in recognition so that no one ever feels left out.
  • Microsoft integrations. Awardco’s integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook has made it easy for everyone at Sorenson to recognise more easily and quickly. Because of this visibility and simplicity, more people are recognising.
  • Customisation. Sorenson takes pride in their mission and core values, and so they have also created recognition programmes that drive these behaviours and reinforce their values.
  • Purchase Points. Sorenson employees love that they can add additional points to their balance whenever they need just a few more to get the reward they want.

The Solution

Near-Limitless Rewards for Staff

Another feature Sorenson wanted to update from their old supplier was the reward options. Their old supplier offered things like paperweights, plaques, vacuum cleaners, and clocks. Employees weren’t thrilled with these choices.

After switching to Awardco, Sorenson has been able to offer their employees millions of reward options through Amazon, along with options like:

  • eGift cards
  • Branded merchandise
  • Hotel stays
  • Local and international experiences

Not only do employees love this freedom of choice, Awardco has saved Sorenson money, which they then used to reward their employees even more. Sorenson’s updated recognition platform is a win-win for everyone.

“With Awardco, recognition is more than a one-off thing. It’s starting to become a part of our culture and our employees’ daily habits.”

Dan Higbee
Senior Director of HR

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