A Customizable Solution to Fuel Safety Recognition

Southwest Gas is dedicated to strengthening their safety culture for all their employees, whether they work in the office or in the field. With Awardco, they've been able to shape and fuel a comprehensive Safety Recognition platform that works for everyone.

At A Glance

12,000+ in-platform recognitions
2,300+ employees
3 different recognition programs

About Southwest Gas

Southwest Gas has been around since 1931 and now serves over 2 million customers throughout Arizona, Nevada, and California. With nearly 100 years of experience and a focus on providing sustainable, clean energy to their customers, Southwest Gas is proud to do everything from heating homes to fueling backyard barbecues.

The Challenge

How do you create a safety-oriented culture when not all of your employees face the same risks as others?

Southwest Gas wanted to build up a culture of safety-oriented workers, but with such a diverse workforce—field workers handling construction equipment and office workers working on laptops—they needed a recognition platform that would let them create a safety program that catered to their needs.

“Anybody who is partaking in this [program] actually gets noticed and is brought to our attention…and I think that’s wonderful.”

Ruben White
Manager of Occupational Health and Safety

The Solution

A Customizable Solution for a Unique Company

Southwest Gas already had two programs through Awardco (service awards and wellness programs), so they knew that our platform could help. After looking into a few other options, they realized that the simplicity of Awardco’s platform, and the ease with which they could build and manage their safety program all in one place, couldn’t get any better.

From the start, Awardco allowed Southwest to custom-create their very own safety recognition program, filling it with courses and training opportunities that fit their employees’ needs and their culture.

And once their program was designed, it was easy to set up in a way that allowed all of their employees to quickly and easily access. Plus, their admins could track participation throughout the program, allowing them to see which courses were the most popular, which were the most effective, and which needed improvement to really hit home.

The Solution

A Safety Program Employees Want to Participate In

You may think that none of this matters—employees don’t want to take safety training, no matter how simple or easy the program is, right? Well, Southwest Gas solved that issue as well, with Awardco’s help. 

One of Awardco’s specialties is employee recognition and rewards, and Southwest Gas has taken advantage of that. They make sure to notice and recognize every employee that completes any of the safety courses and training through the program. And as employees are recognized and rewarded for their efforts, other employees take note and get excited about the opportunity.

The package of simple, customizable programs combined with recognition and reward opportunities has allowed Southwest Gas to build a safety-oriented culture from the ground up.

“Our company is very safety-culture oriented, and [Awardco] offers us a way to acknowledge the impact that our employees have on that culture.”

Ruben White
Manager of Occupational Health and Safety

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