May 6, 2021
May 6, 2021

Recognizing Motherhood

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At Awardco, we’re all about recognition, and today we want to recognize some very special people...mothers and mother figures of all kinds. Not just because it’s that time of year, but because they literally gave us life, they’re the reason we’re here, and the reason we’ve made it this far. 

To Moms!

The ones that created us.

The ones that raised us.

The ones that stepped in when our moms couldn’t be there. 

The ones who taught us how to be kind, loving, smart, and brave.

The ones who sacrificed sleep and sanity for us. 

The ones who did the best they could. 

The ones who desperately wish to be moms.

The ones who never expected they’d be moms.

The ones who may have forgotten to pick us up a couple of times, but usually remembered. 

The ones who ask us for help with technology.

The ones who remind us to appreciate the little things.

The ones who validate us, and still encourage us to be better.

The ones who ask us if we’re going to take a jacket.

The ones who work hard every day.

The ones who never give up.

Why We Love Our Moms

We would be remiss to not recognize some of our own mother figures. Shout out to the moms of Awardco employees! 

“My grandma passed away this week, and I called my mom to tell her of a neat experience I had as I was saying my goodbye. I cried like a baby sharing the story, and I’m a grown man. That’s what mothers do; they allow us to let our guard down.” - Steve Sonnenberg, Awardco CEO
“My momma is a first generation immigrant from Mexico and had to fight a lot of stigma and still does to become successful. She’s the second youngest out of 5 kids and didn’t have a lot of opportunities growing up, having moved a lot. I remember her trying so hard while we were young to get educated and take care of 5 children as a single mom. She worked 12 hour graveyard shifts for years so she could try to get her high school diploma. She’s now a brilliant sales woman and real estate agent. Her determination to fight for her dreams is inspiring to me, all while playing the role of both parents. She’s my best friend and my reason for working hard. I want to take care of her like she took care of me when she becomes a raisin. She’s a boss babe and a boss mom.” -Lennys Nopala, Implementation Specialist  
“I'm grateful for my Mom for so many reasons (not the least of which is her chocolate chip cookies), but one of the most powerful reasons is because she's unfailingly kind. She's one of the most gentle, most loving souls I know, and I feel lucky to call her Mom.” -Bronson Dameron, Head of Content
“I not only get to work alongside my mom and have her as my coworker, but she’s taught me everything I know about this recognition industry, working full-time, and transitioning to working full-time as a mom.  She has been my mentor throughout my entire career. She has always been the glue that holds my crazy family together. She’s an advice-giver and mamma to all she comes across. She’s got an innate instinct to nurture and be a trustworthy person to talk with to everyone she knows. She always was able to work full time and make my brother and I feel important and loved, and is the perfect example of how I want to be to my daughter as I now juggle full time working mom mode to one, soon to be two kids.” -Erika Hunt, Enterprise Account Executive 
“My mom is one of the most blunt people in the world, and I love it. Even though bluntness can have its drawbacks, I've never questioned how she feels about me, and I've never had to question if I have someone "in my corner." She's a nurturing, loving, tough, happy, beautiful woman, and I'm so lucky to have been raised by her.” -Chipper Whatcott, Graphic Designer
“I may not see my mom as often as I would like but I am so grateful that no matter what kind of day I’m having, I can always give her a call and she will either cheer me on or cheer me up. She always knows what to say and I feel like this is a sixth sense mother’s have. I love her so much!” -Rachel Bodon, Account Executive
“My mom taught me the power of reading at a young age. She constantly took me to the school book fairs and bookstores and never made me feel like I couldn’t get books I was interested in. She also taught me to never give up and finish what I start.” -Kirk Robison, Account Executive
“My mom taught me the importance of believing in myself. She was always there to pick me up on the hard days, and then help me push myself to keep going. And on the days that are great, she pushed me to make them even better. I love her for it so much :)” -Ethan Pisciotta, Fulfillment Support Representative
“My mom came from Honduras to America when she was just 15. Despite growing up very poor and only having an education up until 5th grade, she has taught me to always go above and beyond despite our circumstances. She taught herself how to read, write, and speak in English and immediately went into the workforce. To this day, she has always been found in careers where she can serve others such as a caregiver, daycare teacher, or a nanny. She is the epitome of selflessness and has always been my enabler. Her grandchildren are her life and it’s thanks to her help that I’m able to come back into the workforce full-swing as a new mom!” -Jazzy McClary, Recruiter 
“My mom taught me to be creative, brave, and a little weird. All traits that have served me well in life. She is one of the kindest people I know and is always going out of her way to help other people. Growing up I think my friends might’ve liked her more than me, but that’s okay, because I agree, she’s simply the best!” -Lauren Laws, Senior Copywriter
“My Mom literally left Maui where she lives and traveled here to stay with me for the winter. She is helping me with my littles as I have gone back to work. She has been a lifesaver as I'm learning to juggle home/work balance. That is the power of an Italian mom—they are first and foremost dedicated to their babies! And they love with their whole heart and being. Just don't ask her about her grandkids because she'll talk your ear off—with a really strong accent!” -Sharon Lowe, Account Executive
“My mom is the greatest example of selfless service I know. Whether within our family or in our community, she’s constantly going out of her way to make someone’s life easier. Watching her work on another’s behalf throughout my life has been so uplifting and I count myself beyond lucky to be her son.” -Nick Frazier, Strategic Account Manager

Happy Mother’s Day to all the people who have served in the role of mom! Don’t forget to recognize the moms in your own life. 

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