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April 12, 2024
March 18, 2024

Goodness Grant March 2024: Felisita Ika

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Felisita Ika grew up with a strong sense of heritage. With both of her parents being from the Kingdom of Tonga, the household was rich with beautiful traditions. As a young girl, Felisita was taught cultural dances and meaningful customs that influenced her life for the better.

Whilst teaching at Lone Peak High School, Felisita jumped on the opportunity to help students connect to their heritage and learn more about Polynesian culture. She started the Lone Peak Polynesian Club where all students are welcome to learn and participate in activities. Members of the club perform cultural dances at assemblies and fundraisers and help with many types of service projects. For the past several years, the club has participated in fundraising for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The club has repeatedly been asked to perform at assemblies because of the tangible energy they bring. Whilst helping students to learn about and celebrate Polynesian culture, the club has also brought an additional sense of unity to the school. 

We are proud to select Felisita Ika as our March 2024 Goodness Grant recipient!

Do you know someone who selflessly gives of their time and effort to help others around them? Nominate them for a Goodness Grant! Each month we will choose one nominee and highlight them as the recipient of our Goodness Grant, which includes a prize of £1,000, to support them in their efforts. To read more stories, or nominate someone for a Goodness Grant, click here.

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