Merging Two Companies and Cultures Using Employee Recognition

Paramount found a recognition and rewards partner in Awardco that allowed them to consolidate their programmes, simplify their administration, and scale their recognition efforts for different demographics across the globe.

At A Glance

20,000+ employees
108 years in business
4.3 billion subscribers across 180 countries

About Paramount

Paramount has provided first-rate entertainment since 1914. With influential brands such as CBS, Nickelodeon, MTV and Paramount Pictures under their umbrella, they reach billions of people around the world with their media. Their focus is to provide the h

The Challenge

How do you cultivate a culture of appreciation and consolidate recognition programmes from different companies after a global merger?

When Viacom and CBS were merged into one company—Paramount—they wanted a new employee recognition solution that could simplify processes for everyone, improve global implementation and make recognising and celebrating an integral part of their new combined culture—goals made even more difficult by the effects of a global pandemic.

“I was really looking for a user-friendly, up-to-date, and easy-to-use programme that can expand in different ways, and I found it with Awardco.”

Shaye McCoy
Senior Analyst Total Rewards at Paramount

The Solution

Meshing With the Merge

The original challenge that Paramount faced was the merging of two companies, CBS and Viacom. Each company had different demographics, and Paramount knew that employee recognition and service awards would need an upgrade to make everyone feel a part of a cohesive new culture.

One of the biggest draws for Paramount was the fact that Awardco is the only employee recognition software that has an official partnership with Amazon Business. That means that employees from both CBS and Viacom can easily be rewarded and recognised with points they can use on Amazon (and, of course, on the wide range of other reward options).

With Awardco, Paramount is able to take advantage of the largest reward network on the planet—help every employee feel valued and cared for.

The Solution

Partnering Through the Pandemic

After the merger, Paramount had over 20,000 employees situated all over the globe who were facing uncertainty and stress. Because of the pandemic, those employees were working from their homes without much face-to-face interaction or opportunities to connect with the new people and culture. Paramount knew that employee recognition was an important tool to help get through the pandemic, and they wanted a programme with global reach.

Awardco reaches 141 countries all over the world, and offers native translations and local shipping to the majority of those locales. This was a huge plus for Paramount. Admins can easily budget for, recognise, and reward employees all over the world in a simple, easy-to-use platform. (Awardco’s simplicity has even saved Paramount’s admins 52 days worth of time!)

Now, with Awardco, Paramount’s employees can get involved in an inclusive, exciting culture and feel like part of a team, no matter where they work.

“There are so many [reward] options, and everyone is already accustomed to Amazon and knows what they can get. In the past, we had a catalogue of items, and it didn’t feel like it would fit with our new demographic.”

Shaye McCoy
Senior Analyst Total Rewards at Paramount

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