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March 2, 2021
July 16, 2020

Announcing Direct-to-Door Business Purchasing Through Amazon

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The Headache of Business Purchasing

We often take for granted the conveniences we enjoy. Need a quick meal? Pop something in the microwave. Want to be entertained? Simply turn on your phone. Wondering if they still sell that toy you loved as a kid? Yep, they do. And you can get it on your doorstep within a few days.

The world of business purchasing, unfortunately, has yet to catch up to this level of convenience. Purchasing items in bulk, storing those items at HQ, and distributing them to your in office and remote teams is a huge pain. Not only do you have to keep track of all the logistics of shipping, storing, and distributing those items, the choices for you and your employees are severely limited due to bulk purchasing.

We’ve changed that, and have brought everything you love about Amazon to business purchasing decisions.

Direct-to-Door Procurement

Awardco is proud to be the first and only platform in the world to ship items from curated Amazon catalogs directly to employees' doorsteps. This unique capability will change the way your organization purchases and procures the supplies it needs. Remove the hassle of business purchasing and give your employees the power to choose what items they want for their workstation, home office, company-facilitated health programs, and more—and have it shipped directly to them no matter if they work in your organization's HQ or at home.

"So many companies struggle equipping their office or remote employees with the items they need, and it can become a huge investment of time and money. We looked at that problem and saw that we had a unique solution—why not use our platform to provide business purchasing capabilities to alleviate the problems of limited options, bulk purchasing, inventory, and distribution? And that's exactly what we did." - Steve Sonnenberg, Awardco CEO

Let’s be honest, though: when you hear “business purchasing” or “procurement,” your brain might completely check out. We don’t blame you because business purchasing and procurement sound like something the accounting department does, and you know what? You’re right. They do take care of that. However, managing people does include managing the process of equipping them with the tools they need to accomplish their work—and that means more than just the accounting department is involved. 

How It Works

Soon after the pandemic hit, a customer contacted us with an urgent need. The majority of their workforce began working from home, and this customer needed a way to outfit their employees with all the equipment they’d need for a home office, and they needed to do it fast.

Using Awardco, this company created a custom catalog of over 550 home office items to choose from, awarded each employee a stipend of points to use in that catalog, and let them redeem whatever they needed. When an employee redeemed their points their chosen items were shipped directly to their home—all with zero markups and free shipping. If that wasn’t enough, employees could choose what items they wanted, not be limited to the one chair, keyboard, or laptop stand everyone in the company was issued on premises. That’s good news for everyone: employees have the power to choose what they want, and employers have the capability to give it to them with free shipping, zero markups, and direct-to-door delivery. It’s a win-win.

Though easily outfitting a home office for remote workers is pretty awesome, it’s not the only way customers have used Awardco for business purchasing. Here’s a few other examples:

  • Need new uniforms for your employees? No problem. Sizes, color options, and much more can make choosing your next work style a breeze. Plus getting it shipped directly to your employees? Goodbye boxes of shirts in the storage room and hello curated catalogs, zero inventory to keep on hand, and increased budgetary visibility.

  • Keeping employees healthy is important, but what if they can’t use the on-site gym? Create a custom Amazon catalog, reward some points, and let your employees outfit their own home gym with the equipment they love.

  • Having meals provided by an employer is a big deal, but some people might not be able to take advantage of that—especially in a pandemic. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Fashion a custom catalog of snacks and nutritious meal supplements, give your employees points, and there you go.

  • Need new equipment for your HQ like chairs, keyboards, pens, or houseplants? Yep. We can do that, too. Curate a catalog, award points, and let your employees choose what they want—all with free shipping and direct fulfillment, and you don’t have to store unused items on site! All this ought to make Doug happy—he’s been wanting that one particular keyboard for years.

Solving Problems Like a Boss

Direct-to-door business purchasing through Amazon with Awardco solves some of the biggest problems in business operations. 

  • Easily deliver to distributed teams
  • Eliminate bulk purchases and inventory
  • Streamline supply chain and distribution
  • Simplify budget management
  • Give choices to your employees

Awardco’s direct-to-door business purchasing through Amazon is a one of a kind solution that will have an immediate impact on your organization, whether that's the purchasing department or HR. Plus it empowers employees with choice, and in today’s world of easy online shopping, it’s about time business caught up to that.

If you have further questions about this integration, please contact our support team or review our support articles on the topic.



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