Driving Recognition & Rewards to Be More Inclusive

Hertz knows how to successfully run a global enterprise with thousands of employees. As global expansion continued, Hertz needed a solution to recognize and reward ALL of their worldwide workforce.

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24,000+ employees
12,000+ locations
14 different recognition programs


How do you provide a consistent and inclusive recognition experience that spans the globe?

Hertz had a problem. Even though their workforce was increasingly global with over 24,000 employees and 12,000 locations, their recognition program wasn’t able to keep pace. 

Since its inception, Hertz has always known that providing the best customer experience meant taking care of their employees first. Engaged, happy employees were the foundation for the service customers had come to expect from Hertz over their 100 year history. Though Hertz had a small recognition program focused on about 3,000 employees within the United States, it wasn't quite enough. High performers received recognition and rewards often, but most front line employees were unfortunately overlooked.

This didn’t sit well with Hertz.

“We think a lot about our front line employees. They’re the ones that make us who we are and drive our business, and we wanted to make sure they knew we appreciated them.” Annasuela Fritz, HR Projects and Recognition Manager at Hertz. 

Widening their focus from a few of their best employees to ALL of their 24,000+ employees was a big task, but Hertz was determined to make their recognition program as rewarding and inclusive as possible. To do so, Hertz needed two things:

  • A rewards network that met the needs of their large workforce. Small catalogs were not cutting it.
  • The ability to create, run, and manage multiple different employee recognition programs on one platform—and with different budgets.
A simple, powerful, global solution.

A simple, powerful, global solution.

Awardco offered Hertz the ability to use Amazon in their rewards and recognition programs, which meant they could provide a consistent experience across all of their business centers, whether for Dallas or Dubai. The ability to develop multiple programs in the platform without having to go through frustrating hoops or multiple rounds of implementation was incredibly helpful, too. The Awardco employee recognition platform came with the capability to create different programs AND set different budgets, and nobody else offered that.

As Hertz began with Awardco, they found even more benefits in a reduction in administration time and a boost in program adoption that skyrocketed because of the simplicity of the platform. The ease of setting up new programs and the speed at which employees caught on was an added bonus that changed the way Hertz managed rewards and recognition in their organization.

The confidence to succeed.

Now, three years after implementing Awardco, Hertz has gone from one small localized recognition program to 14 different global programs running simultaneously, some ongoing and some seasonal. Overall employee engagement has increased worldwide, as well as employee inclusion and participation in recognition programs across the globe. Awardco even provided support through a very difficult time brought on by the global pandemic when the car rental industry suffered for many long months—and now Hertz is back and better than ever.

“Using Awardco has given us the confidence that we’ve partnered with someone that knows what they’re doing,” says Anna. “We’re not only saving a lot of time, but we’re building the confidence of our employees as we express our appreciation to all of them worldwide.”
The confidence to succeed.

The confidence to succeed.

Hertz was able to expand their recognition programs to their entire global workforce, simplify their processes, and make recognition truly rewarding for all their employees.

“Awardco is not only a fantastic recognition solution but a fantastic technology solution that also provides recognition. Awardco has given us a level of confidence we didn’t have before.”
Annasuela Fritz
HR Projects and Recognition Manager


Hertz, a Fortune 500 company, is a car rental service based in the United States that operates approximately 12,000 corporate and franchise locations around the world. For over 100 years Hertz has provided a level of service that shows they not only care about their customers, but their employees as well.
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