Platform Update
November 15, 2023
January 25, 2022

Awardco Integrates With BambooHR

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Awardco has integrated with BambooHR to make it even easier to provide rewarding recognition to organizations all over the world.

Setting People Free to Do Great Work

Hot on the heels of many other HRIS and communication platform integrations, Awardco's integration with BambooHR’s HRIS software makes it easier than ever for organizations using BambooHR to automate the transfer of their employee rosters to Awardco's servers.

“Automating certain processes in the HR space is a big priority for us. We understand that HR admins often spend a great deal of time with their noses in spreadsheets, and that takes away from the most important part of their job: focusing on the people in their organization. BambooHR understands this principle as well, and we’re proud to be able to offer this integration to users of both Awardco and BambooHR.” - Steve Sonnenberg, Awardco CEO

BambooHR Integration Highlights

API Key Integration

Awardco works with your BambooHR platform via API key. Integration is straightforward—as long as you have the API key you can link your Bamboo and Awardco accounts with ease.

Automated File Transfer

Instead of sending CSV files to Awardco every time you need to update your employee directory, simply set up an automated file transfer that keeps your employee list in Awardco up to date with regular, automated data sends.

Keep Employee Directories Current

When employees are added or removed from BambooHR they will automatically be added or removed in Awardco. How’s that for taking out the busywork?

Say Goodbye to Busywork

With Awardco's integration with BambooHR, you can continue to say goodbye to busywork and the tasks that take too much of your valuable time. Inspire human connection through rewarding recognition by setting people free to do great work through Awardco's integration with BambooHR.

Learn more about the specifics of this integration on our support pages.