Create a Culture of Celebration

Celebrate good times, come on! Work has the stereotype of being, well, work—but there's still plenty to celebrate. As you celebrate meaningful moments you'll bring more joy into the workplace, and that's something we can all use more of.

Modernize your milestones

Award service, not survival.

In the past, recognition consisted of a nice watch or a pin after some years at a company. We aim to customize the service award experience to make it way more memorable than a pin or a watch.

Instead of just handing over a plaque and saying "thanks for not leaving," consider curating an experience. With Awardco's platform, you can compile recognition from coworkers into a digital MemoryBook and give your employee just about any reward you can think of. Better yet, give them points and let them choose what they want from millions of options with Amazon Business.

We save you time by automating the process, setting reminders, and connecting you with an extensive reward network. THE most extensive reward network, in fact.

MemoryBooks ensure work anniversaries are a special day worth celebrating.Combining Bonus Boxes and MemoryBooks for service awards is a powerful tool for retention.
Automating service anniversaries makes sure every event is special.


Let's make some memories!

With digital MemoryBooks you can celebrate work anniversaries with pictures, messages, and memories from teammates and leadership. It's easy to get stuck in the day-to-day at work, but MemoryBooks remind people of all the good they do and the value they bring to the team.

All Digital

It's easy to celebrate remotely. Everyone can contribute no matter where they are in the world, and a reminder is sent automatically to teammates beforehand to contribute, boosting participation without you having to do extra work.


A MemoryBook is something employees will save and cherish. It's easy to look back at all the notes they receive from coworkers, and remember all those warm fuzzies.

Team mates leave notes and upload special moments for anniversaries.MemoryBooks ensure work anniversaries are a special day worth celebrating.MemoryBooks celebrate your team with a unique digital experience.
Bonus Boxes are a unique take on celebrating special events, from anniversaries to Employee Appreciation Day.

Bonus Boxes

Curate an experience.

Celebrate a special occasion by sending custom care packages. We can help you come up with items for any occasion, customize the box itself with your branding, and ship them right to your employee's doors...or desks. You can send them for work anniversaries, team trainings, onboarding, Employee Appreciation Day, or just to show you care.

Choose from a huge variety of quality items from brands like The North Face, YETI, Cotopaxi, Apple, and more. Create experiences your employees will remember—at least more than they will a plaque.

“I received a link from my company for a service award. One click and I was able to see all of my options. Couldn't be easier to use. A couple more clicks and the gift was on its way. Highly recommend!”
Stacey M.
Enterprise Employee

One less thing to worry about.

Do you have a lot of employees and not a lot of time? We're here to make your life easier. We can help you set up automation for service anniversaries, birthdays, onboarding, and more so you never forget a special occasion.

Instead of secretly trying to pass around a birthday card so all the right people see it, you can do everything digitally. Forget hunting down managers to sign a card—send an automated email to remind them to recognize their team. Don’t let any reason to celebrate and appreciate your employees fall through the cracks.

Pairing automation with Smart Award Networks takes the headache out of reporting “Qualified Service Anniversary Programs” to the IRS, too.

Automating service anniversaries makes sure every event is special.

Traditional Service Awards

They're classic for a reason.

If you want classy, branded deliverables for service awards, we do that too. From pins to certificates we can custom make anything you need. Unless it's like...a Goodyear blimp or something. But we could probably do that, too.

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