Uniting Large and Dispersed Teams with Recognition

With distributed teams around the country, Aptive had no insight into exactly how much money was being spent on rewards and recognition until the end of the fiscal year. Incentive spend was unclear, untracked, and ineffective. That’s why they invested in Awardco.

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100% visibility into incentive budgets
10x more recognitions at highest performing branches
2x increase in number of recognitions


How do you motivate large remote teams and maintain budgetary insight into incentive spend?

Aptive has a large workforce that fluctuates season to season due to the nature of the industry. As the weather becomes warmer the need for pest control becomes more apparent, and Aptive meets this need by hiring a larger sales force during the summer months. While this increases profits and reach, it also presents a problem: how do you incentivize and motivate a large and remote workforce? Even more daunting, how do you track that spend to be sure it is used appropriately?

Aptive’s legacy solution to this problem was to empower branch managers with an individual fund to reward its branch employees, or to reimburse whatever branch managers did during the year. This worked, but keeping and recording receipts for team lunches or gift card incentives was cumbersome. Often branch managers would purchase employee rewards out of their own pocket and submit a reimbursement, which could take weeks to go through. If that wasn’t bad enough, each year’s budget showed that incentive spend across all branches ranged from $5000 under budget to $12,000 over, and teams were way off on their estimates vs. actual spend

Gaining insight and control into multiple budgets—all from one dashboard.

Gaining insight and control into multiple budgets—all from one dashboard.

Nearly drowning in receipts and spending too much time sorting through the budgets of each branch led Aptive to seek a better solution. Aptive’s HR admins soon found Awardco, and realized the powerful reporting capabilities available through the platform were exactly what they needed to track incentive spend. “We now have complete visibility into budgetary usage and recognitions. Before, nobody could see recognitions at all—it was always done on a small scale, one-on-one from manager to employee,” relates Lacy Andersen, Aptive project manager. “Now everyone in the company can see the successes of others and celebrate those with them, and we can see how managers are using the funds we’ve given them. Our budgets have equalized almost entirely—down to the dollar.”

In the first year of using the platform, Aptive gained complete visibility into its incentive budgets, and was empowered to manage it in a much more effective way. Not only has Aptive reduced its incentive spend, but the incentive budget it has spent has been much more productive and directed than ever before. Now that it’s moving into its second year of rewarding recognition, Aptive is excited to see how the increased visibility into budgets leads to further progress and productivity throughout the entire organization.

Before vs After Awardco

Before vs After Awardco

Before vs After Awardco

Aptive gained incredible insight into their incentive spend, and was able to make rewards and recognition more effective than ever.

"With Awardco we now have more visibility into our incentive budgets than ever, and can be more judicious about our incentive spend."
Lacy Andersen
Project Manager

APTIVE Environmental

Aptive Environmental is an environmentally responsible residential and commercial pest control services provider. With operations in more than 3,700 cities in the U.S., Aptive is growing quickly and providing a vital service to people and organizations all over the world. Founded in 2015, Aptive began with the help of CEO David Royce. David had previously launched several other successful pest control companies and wanted to change the game by offering environmentally friendly pest control that isn’t dangerous for people or pets. After becoming a member of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, Aptive grew quickly and soon became the 7th largest pest control company in the world, even expanding its reach and partnering with the United Nations to help stop the spread of Malaria transmitted by mosquito bites in affected countries.
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