Taking Recognition from Bogey to Birdie

TaylorMade modernized their recognition game with Awardco and never looked back.

At A Glance

750 employees
2,000+ birthdays and service awards
29% increase in recognitions

About TaylorMade

TaylorMade was founded in 1979 with the creation of the world’s first metalwood driver, which fundamentally changed the game of golf. From its headquarters in Carlsbad, California, TaylorMade builds products for millions of performance-minded athletes and prides itself on bringing people together through the sport of golf.

The Challenge

How do you modernize a 40-year-old recognition program?

While innovation, determination, and competition have always been part of TaylorMade, their ability to recognize and reward their employees was hampered by outdated processes and inadequate technology. 

The result was a headache of logistical issues, bogged down processes, and employee milestones falling through the cracks.

“Awardco has been key to helping TaylorMade modernize and evolve our employee recognition program.”

Rosie Scannell
Global HR

The Solution

Building a Seamless Experience

With a move to the Awardco platform, TaylorMade quickly revitalized, refreshed, and reinvigorated their recognition programs with relative ease. Instead of a hard-copy catalog of limited (and marked up) items, TaylorMade now offers their employees the millions of products available on the Awardco platform. 

Employees can choose the reward they want instead of settling for something from a limited, hard-copy catalog, and it’s sent directly to their doorstep—creating a much easier (and more seamless) experience for employees and for the HR team.

The Solution

Keeping Remote Teams United

As if that wasn’t enough, as the world largely shut down in 2020 TaylorMade used Awardco to help employees stay connected and still be recognized for milestones, even though much of their workforce was remote. 

Now TaylorMade has united their recognition programs across the globe, simplifying their process and streamlining recognition with one platform. No employee anniversary is forgotten, the HR team has more time to focus on their people, and employees have more power to choose their own rewards than ever before. 

TaylorMade is “a community of people that cares about people,” and now can continue to focus on that goal in even more powerful ways.

“Awardco is the perfect platform for our employee recognition program. It supports our unique employee culture and community.”

Rosie Scannell
Global HR

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