A Totally Rad Total Rewards Glossary

Glossary of Employee Recognition, Total Rewards, and Company Culture Terms

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Employee Perks

Employee perks are additional benefits or incentives offered by employers to their employees in addition to their regular salary and benefits package. These perks can include things like flexible work hours, free meals or snacks, gym memberships, and more.

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What are the benefits of employee perks?

Employee perks can play a crucial role in creating a rewarding, wholesome company culture. Fun, helpful, and far-reaching perks show employees that the company cares about them more than is strictly required. By offering perks, employers can improve employee morale, foster a positive work environment, and ultimately increase employee retention rates.

How do employee perks affect employee engagement and motivation?

Compensation and benefits are the bare minimum of what employees expect. However, employees now want more, including various perks such as wellness resources, healthy snacks, and flexibility. When a company shows that they value their employees enough to offer additional perks, employees are more engaged, motivated, and loyal.

What are good ideas for employee perks?

There are many different employee perks that companies can offer to their employees. Some popular options include flexible work hours, paid time off, remote work options, wellness programs, and opportunities for professional development.

It's important for companies to consider their specific workforce and what types of perks would be most valued by their employees—consider sending out a survey to ask what would be most meaningful for your people.