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Glossary of Employee Recognition, Total Rewards, and Company Culture Terms

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Employee Retention

Employee retention refers to a company's ability to keep its employees from leaving their jobs. It is a critical factor in maintaining a stable workforce and avoiding the high costs associated with turnover. Retaining talented and engaged employees is essential to achieving long-term business success.

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What impacts employee retention?

A few key factors influence employee retention and turnover:

  • Do employees feel valued, cared for, and supported by the company?
  • Does the company offer competitive benefits and compensation so that employees can care for their needs?
  • Is the work meaningful and value-driven? Do employees feel connected and invested in their daily tasks and projects?
  • Do employees have opportunities to grow, gain new skills, and take on new responsibilities?
  • Is the work culture wholesome and supportive instead of toxic?

Companies that focus on these aspects will see their retention numbers rise, while those who only do the bare minimum will struggle with turnover.

What are best practices for increasing employee retention?

To increase employee retention, companies need to create a workplace where employees want to be. Consider these best practices:

  • Create a culture of appreciation that values and recognizes employee contributions.
  • Offer flexibility to ensure employees can maintain their well-being.
  • Provide learning and development opportunities to help employees accomplish their professional and personal goals.
  • Give resources to help with mental and physical wellness.
  • Celebrate employee milestones to show that you value them as individual people.

By following these best practices and leveraging a platform like Awardco, companies can increase employee retention and build a more engaged and loyal workforce.