A Totally Rad Total Rewards Glossary

Glossary of Employee Recognition, Total Rewards, and Company Culture Terms

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Onboarding Programs

Onboarding programs refer to the process of integrating new employees into a company's culture, values, and processes. These programs typically include training, orientation, and socialization activities that aim to help new hires adjust to their roles and become productive members of the team.

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What is the impact of onboarding programs?

Effective onboarding programs play a critical role in creating a positive employee experience, which, in turn, leads to higher job satisfaction, increased engagement, and better retention rates. By setting clear expectations, providing the necessary resources, and establishing a sense of community, onboarding programs can help new hires feel welcomed, valued, and prepared to contribute to the organization.

How can onboarding programs drive employee engagement and motivation?

Onboarding programs help new hires understand their roles and how they fit into the organization's larger mission, which starts them off on the right foot. When employees have a clear understanding of their contributions and the impact they have on the company, they are more likely to feel invested in their work and motivated to succeed. Additionally, onboarding programs can provide opportunities for new hires to build relationships with their colleagues and managers, creating a sense of belonging and connection to the company.

How to create effective onboarding programs?

  • To create effective onboarding programs, companies should start by establishing clear objectives and goals for the program. This includes identifying key milestones, outlining the necessary training and resources, and setting expectations for the new hire's performance. It's also important to provide opportunities for new hires to connect with their colleagues and managers, whether through team-building exercises or social events. 
  • Finally, onboarding programs should be ongoing, with regular check-ins and feedback sessions to ensure that new hires are adjusting well to their roles and feel supported by the company. Awardco's platform leverages the power of onboarding programs by providing tools and resources to help companies create engaging and effective recognition programs that drive employee motivation and engagement.