Reimagine Recognition

We’ll get straight to the point: recognition programs improve employee experience and increase loyalty & engagement. That means more productivity and happier employees. But you probably already know this, that’s why you’re here! Awardco can help you reimagine recognition from the old once-a-year-on-your-service-anniversary idea to something more meaningful.

Birthday programs are a breeze with Awardco.
Happy Birthday

Send a note of celebration becauce everyone deserves being celebrated on their special day.

Safety first.
Safety Program

Reward your workers that go above and beyond to keep everyone safe.

Get fit and get paid.
Wellness Program

Recognize employees for healthy choices, for meeting goals, or for winning contests.

Thanks for all you do.
Employee of the Month

Recognize high performers who sustain great work over the course of a month.

Good Job is worth saying.

Empower your employees to recognize each other to create a culture of recognition.

Nice work, man or ma'am.
Sales Star

Help your sales teams achieve greater goals by rewarding them with an incentive program.

A simple thanks goes a long way.
Keys to Success

Highlight an employee that demonstrates one of the company values.

A simple thanks goes a long way.
Keys to Success

Highlight an employee that demonstrates one of the company values.

Save the planet, reward your employees.
Go Green

Reward your team for choices that reduce waste and that improve the environment.

Celebrate births and adoptions with Awardco.
New Arrivals

Celebrate births and adoptions by sending a special note.

The holidays should be celebrated.
Happy Holidays

Send your team mates a festive message of well-wishing during the holidays.

Send encouragement to a team mate.

Show your employees you care with a kind word or two if they're sick or got bad news.

Celebrate home purchases.
Home Sweet Home

Celebrate life events that matter for your people.

Get fit and get paid.
Happy Holidays

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Customize your programs to fit your culture.

When you see someone going above and beyond, they belong on the A-Team.

Celebrate achievements in your team.
Circle of Excellence

Nominate a team mate for the top award in the organization. Approval required for acceptance.

Get fit and get paid.
Wellness Programs

Recognize employees for healthy choices, for meeting goals, or for winning contests.

Recognition Programs

Everything you need.

Disengaged employees cost the U.S. economy $550 billion annually. Recognition can increase employee engagement by 2X. Even if you don't like math, it's easy to see that recognition is worth the investment

Our employee recognition software is a one-stop-recognition-shop that’s easy-to-use. We will help you customize programs to your needs, whether you have 1,000 employees or over 100,000.

Want to manage multiple recognition programs from one dashboard? We can do that. Need to create custom, meaningful rewards catalogs? Yup, we can do that too—all with the power of one simple, rewarding platform.

A Simple and elegant Recognition PLATFORM

We'll make your life easy(er).

Adding another software to your processes can be daunting. That’s why we made something that is intuitive for admins and users. Plus, we're here to help the entire way. We want to simplify the recognition process so more people get recognized for the work they do every day.

1. Who

Choose who you want to recognize. You can recognize one person or multiple people at a time—whatever floats your boat.

2. What

Choose what you want to recognize them for. Do they exemplify a specific company value? Are they killing it in a specific area? Tag a specific Smart Network, program, or company value to let them know.

3. Why

Tell them specifically why you're recognizing them. Recognitions can have point values attached or not. Saying a meaningful "thank you" is always free, but points are nice too!

Choose one or more people to recognize.Choose which program to recognize for.Tell your high-performers why you're recognizing them.
GoHealth uses Awardco for recognition and for work from home bonus boxes.
“Awardco made me realize how much my company cares for its employees. It motivates me to see that people can get recognized for standing out in their job and it encourages others that want to be recognized.”
Kimberly M.
Sales, GoHealth
Your team can join in on recognitions whether they're in the office or remote.

Social recognition

Recognition is a team sport.

Not only does recognition inspire individuals, it helps build a company culture of people who care (try saying that ten times fast). Awardco allows you to make an employee recognition program with a social feed that shows recognitions in real time. 

It’s easy to have peer recognition as well as recognition from managers. On the public feed team members can like, comment, and react to recognition. Stay connected while working remotely—no matter where in the world your employees are.  

If anyone on your team isn't interested in being recognized publicly, set up private recognitions so everyone is recognized in the way that makes them feel the most appreciated.

Value-driven REcognition

Give a little, get a whole lot.

Recognizing your team drives employee loyalty & engagement more than anything else (including a super expensive annual employee summit). As employees feel valued, they will want to give more value back. 

40% of employed Americans would put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often. It creates a cycle of recognition and increased productivity that builds and grows into a powerful engine.

Show your people how much you value them and watch as they continuously give more value back.

The Value Cycle drives behavior and builds culture.
Use the communication tools your team is comfortable with to increase remote recognition.Use your existing communication channels like Slack to increase recognition program adoption.Use your existing communication channels like Microsoft Teams to send and receive recognitions.

remote recognition

Yes, we love technology.

Awardco connects you with your teams wherever they are. Send support, encourage social recognition, create work from home programs, and more. There is no substitute for human connection, even if that connection is virtual.

Awardco integrates with your existing communication tools (like Slack or Microsoft Teams) to boost program adoption and visibility. You can watch the recognitions come through in real time on your feed. Some companies who have implemented these integrations have seen recognitions increase by 300%! It’s much more exciting than watching emails come in.

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