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Total Rewards:
2023 Trends & Takeaways

Uncover the trends that will impact your workplace, and how total rewards will drive success.

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Workplace stress is estimated to cost the economy more than $500 billion each year. What are you doing in your organization to combat this?


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Organizations that focus on their culture and employees will see productivity and profitability rise.

Companies with sophisticated total rewards programs have 31% lower turnover and are 12X more likely to have strong business outcomes.


Total rewards carry the most impact, are the most cost-effective, and have the most ROI for effort.

80% of employees state that more workplace recognition improves their experience, relationships, engagement, and happiness at work.


Those organizations that adapt quickly to changing workforce expectations will find greater, more long-lasting success.

Paramount saved their teams 52 working days worth of effort and united two disparate organizations under one total rewards banner.


Modern tools and technology empowers value-driven initiatives and facilitates total rewards programs that exceed expectations.

One global organization utilized technology to unite their total rewards strategy and saw a 33% boost in adoption of cultural values.

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