Employee Recognition

Employee recognition has hardly changed in 100 years. It's time. Better recognition increases engagement, productivity, retention and satisfaction. That's what we call a win-win-win-win.

Employee Milestones

Celebrate the moments that matter with MemoryBooks so your employees feel appreciated and automate everything with Awardco so you never forget a birthday or service anniversary.

Employee Rewards

Get access to the largest reward network on the planet with absolutely zero markups. Employees can choose from products on Amazon Business, gift cards, swag, hotels, event tickets, charity donations, and more.

Employee Experience

Awardco makes managing recognition and rewards programs easy. We'll automate your processes, help with your budgets, and simplify data reporting so you can focus more on the people you serve.


When people know they're cared for they care more.

People are the foundation of your business. Make sure they know how valuable they are by giving them truly rewarding recognition.

Awardco is the only recognition platform to team up with Amazon Business.


We get by with a little help from our friends.

We work with companies across the globe to create recognition programs that help their employees feel good about the work they do, no matter if they're in Mumbai or Sacramento.

“Awardco is the Uber for employee recognition.”
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Powerful Recognition

Recognition is a breeze with Awardco.Recognize

Traditional employee recognition needs some updates, but the principle remains the same: humans are happiest when they are truly valued. However, they don't know they're valued unless you show them. Employees feel valued when their contributions are recognized. Awardco helps you recognize by making it simple and easy.

Recognition Programs

Service awards, holiday programs, birthdays, spot recognition, peer-to-peer, nominations, approvals, eligibility controls...the list goes on and on and...

Simple and Easy

Recognizing should be simple, but it takes time to coordinate multiple programs. Awardco makes things easy for admins and users so more people get recognized.

Social Recognition

Awardco's social feed allows for reactions, comments, and gifs. It also integrates into social channels like Slack and Microsoft Teams to help people stay connected.

Remote Recognition

With teammates working remotely, building a positive culture requires extra effort. Awardco makes it easy with digital recognition options to include everyone.

Moments That Matter

Celebrating moments that matter is important in every organization.

Everyone deserves to be celebrated, and we get that. Without celebrations life can be a little dull, not to mention work. Modernize birthdays, service anniversaries, and other company celebrations with Awardco and celebrate all the good times.

Modern Milestones

Reimagine celebrations with a modern platform that truly rewards anniversaries, birthdays, life events, and more.


Send kudos, pictures, and memories to teammates for a digital experience they'll never forget.

Bonus Boxes

Celebrate special occasions with custom care packages shipped right to your employee's doors...or desks.


Increase milestone program participation and adoption by automating everything. It's what Awardco does best.

Millions of Rewards to Fit Your Workforce

Reward your team with things they actually want.Reward

Is it really a reward if you don't get what you want? Let your employees choose their own rewards so they know you care about them. With Awardco, they get to choose from the world's largest reward network: products from Amazon Business, hotels, event tickets, gift cards, and swag.

Dollar-for-Dollar Rewards

Awardco is built on a foundation of absolutely zero markups and convenient free shipping options. That means you save money while getting more.

Smart Award Networks

Want to award a team member points that can only to be redeemed for specific rewards? You can set up multiple reward networks with Awardco.

Custom Swag Store

Let employees choose their own sizes and colors with Awardco's turn-key, on-demand swag store. You don't have to keep things on hand, we'll fulfill and ship.

International Fulfillment

Avoid taxes and imports by taking advantage of the 14 Amazon Business warehouses across the globe, and make customs concerns a thing of the past.

Make it Your Own

Managing rewards and recognition programs shouldn't be complicated.Manage

We work with you to make a program that works for you whether your employees work at desks, behind a counter, in a hospital, on a manufacturing floor, or anywhere else. Awardco handles the logistics so you can focus on your team. Plus, we give you access to all your data, and reporting is easier than ever.

Cut Admin Time

Remove the busywork in managing recognition and milestone programs, and get more time to focus on your people.

Clear Reports

Awardco removes the administrative guesswork. All recognition, redemption, and financial data is at your fingertips.

Easy Budgeting

Simple budgeting ensures the right people have access to the needed funds to make your programs a success.

Custom Branding

Awardco's flexible platform is highly customizable so your organization's values and branding shine through.

The Value Cycle drives behavior and builds culture.

Value-driven Recognition

Build positive company culture.

Recognition is the best way to build a positive company culture. As you recognize the values that are important to your company you'll see them demonstrated even more. It's a wonderful cycle that leads to increased buy-in and better culture.

We want to help your values to translate to real value for your employees. Reward them without markups or shipping fees so they truly feel rewarded, not just mildly noticed.

Why Recognize?

You don't have to take our word for it...

“From their products, to delivery, to customer service Awardco is just absolutely awesome. This is a great way to recognize and reward employees for their work. I have not seen any other program like this.”
Gustavo A.
Enterprise Customer
“Fantastic, this product has really helped our team and business get to market”
Sarah Smith
Lead Developer, Flowbase
“Fantastic, this product has really helped our team and business get to market”
Sarah Smith
Lead Developer, Flowbase


We're kind of a big deal.

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