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March 2, 2021
March 19, 2020

New and Improved Homepages

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You have probably heard the phrase “home is where the heart is” at some point in your life. Home can be a lot of things—an actual physical structure, a geographical region, or even a group of individuals we care for. Home is where you feel comfortable and where you know what to expect. Just as your physical home needs occasional updating, we recognized a need for a new homepage template to reflect all the amazing updates to the platform. With that in mind, we welcome you to the new Awardco homepage:

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The new homepage has many features you’ll love, from its updated look and feel to a more standardized template that ensures the page reacts well in all major browsers—especially on mobile.

  • Banner Area. Your new homepage has a large banner area that has a set default image. These images change with the time of day, reflecting morning, afternoon, and evening. We can also customize this section for you (more on that below).
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  • New Profile Area. The new layout of the homepage includes a profile snapshot that shows your points, redemption options, and your cart.
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  • Mobile Friendly. Homepages are now mobile friendly, so there’s no need to pinch and zoom on your phone.
  • Access to Support. Support information is right up at the top of the page—prominently displayed for anyone that might need an extra bit of assistance.

While the new homepage is more standardized, we have built in a number of branding and feature options we think you’ll love. We are eager to work with you to create a fantastic homepage that reflects your company brand. We want to ensure your experience, and that of your employees, is simple, elegant, and beautiful.

Some of your customizable options include:

  • Banner images. If you’d like to change these images we’ll work with you to ensure they reflect your brand and the highest quality possible.
  • Content options. Change the content with a message from your CEO, a recent internal video update, or news you might want your employees to be aware of.
Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 12.31.58 PM
  • Quick Links. Customize which areas of the platform you feel your users will access most, making them readily available.
  • Quotes or FAQs. Enhance the homepage experience by inserting a quote or helpful hints.
  • Recommended items list. Customize what items or rewards your employees see on the recommended items list.
Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 12.32.44 PM
  • Reward network icons. We’ll be sure that the reward networks you have available reflect correctly on each employee’s profile section of the homepage.
Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 12.37.04 PM

As we continue our steady stream of platform and process updates, we are always looking to improve, and homepages are no exception. We are open to further homepage development and will continue to improve its capabilities.

We’re excited for you to try the new homepages!


For more information on the specifics of this program, please visit our support center here.


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