Building a Robust Recognition Program

After 10 years with another recognition program, Aspen Contracting wanted an upgrade. They needed software that could handle all of their existing recognition capabilities while making room for more. They found exactly what they needed with Awardco.

At A Glance

7 different recognition programs
Automated birthdays and work anniversaries
Stress-free implementation

About Aspen Contracting

The Challenge

How do you build a recognition program that fits your specific needs and culture?

Aspen Contracting needed a robust recognition program that was easy to implement and manage, while also being far-reaching and customizable. In short, they needed a new tool that made employee recognition more effective.

The Solution

Creating Recognition Programs That Excel

After switching to Awardco, Aspen Contracting was able to create seven different recognition programs, all customized to fit their culture and their people. They run a peer-to-peer program, a manager-to-employee program, and an employee of the month program along with automated birthday and service anniversary programs. They even created an executive recognition program! Employees are now more recognized than ever, and they love how easy it is to redeem their points for millions of rewards.

The Solution

"I love that I have a team of people who help make our program run smoothly. Awardco is quick to respond and help with training or customization to our platform. They help me see how to use recognition to better serve my team."

Courtney Nussbeck
Marketing & Events Director at Aspen Contracting

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