Easy-to-Use, Global Recognition That Saves Money

Beckman Coulter was able to quickly and easily transition to a brand new recognition platform with hardly a hiccup. The change has saved them money and time while spreading recognition further than ever.

At A Glance

Significant cost savings
45 countries with local rewards
80% engagement on the platform

About Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter has been a global leader in clinical diagnostics for over 80 years. Their mission is the “Relentlessly reimagine healthcare, one diagnosis at a time,” and they accomplish that goal with a mixture of technology innovation and the passion of their teams.

The Challenge

How do you find an efficient recognition platform for a large global workforce?

Beckman Coulter had a serious inefficiency with their previous recognition vendor—so much so that sending a $50 gift card to an employee in Japan cost them $850! They needed a platform with more global reach, more flexibility, and more user friendliness. They found Awardco.

“As a platform administrator, Awardco stands out as the most user-friendly recognition platform I’ve ever used. Additionally, Awardco offers the flexibility for our company to incorporate custom resources such as videos, FAQs, and PDFs, enhancing the overall user experience for our associates.”

Kerie Rogers
HR Operations Leader

The Solution

Massive Cost Savings

After vetting many different companies and finally ending up choosing between Awardco and Workhuman, Beckman Coulter decided to go with Awardco. The reason? They’d enjoy many expanded capabilities while saving a massive amount of money.

Now, after implementing their new platform in January 2023, they’ve seen significant cost savings from their previous platform, and they’ve been able to spread recognition and rewards to their global workforce much more effectively than ever.

The Solution

Quick Implementation, Big Global Impact

Beckman Coulter contracted with Awardco in December 2022, started implementation in January 2023, and had their new programs up and running within 10 weeks. Plus, the reporting and budgeting feature is much simpler and more seamless than before. Kerie Rogers, the HR Operations Leader at Beckman Coulter, had this to say:

“From a reporting standpoint, Awardco excels by allowing users to access desired reports quickly through easily accessible links, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple pages as was the case with previous platforms. The platform has garnered significant positive feedback for its user-friendly nature and seamless navigation.”

Not only that, but now Beckman Coulter can recognize and reward their global employees in their own currencies and with local reward options, which massively cut down on reward restrictions for employees and fulfillment prices for the company. It’s a win-win for everyone.

“Change management was a concern when exploring new vendors. However, our leadership, HR, and associates have smoothly transitioned to Awardco, and they appreciate its straightforward and intuitive design, which surpasses the complexities of previous platforms.”

Kerie Rogers
HR Operations Leader

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