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First Choice Health had a strong employee recognition foundation with service awards, birthday programs, and holiday celebrations. However, it became challenging to manage once employees started working remotely more often. Enter Awardco.

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200 employees
5 recognition programs
1 million customers served


If logistics were taken care of, could you actually focus on the people instead of the process?

First Choice Health has always cared for their employees and their customers throughout their 36 year legacy. However, as the company grew and more and more employees were working remotely, HR was finding it challenging to execute their programs with the same level of excellence they were known for in their industry. Service awards were becoming difficult to organize, ship, and keep track of across the organization. Holiday programs were becoming more difficult to plan and execute with each remote employee. Birthday celebrations were becoming less personal and more mundane.

All of these program duties were taking up a fair amount of time for the HR team to administer, and they needed a new solution to help them reclaim their day. First Choice Health needed an all-encompassing solution to unify their programs, automate processes, and then do even more with their employe recognition programs.

Unified, consolidated recognition.

Unified, consolidated recognition.

With the Awardco employee recognition platform, First Choice Health has unified their recognition and reward programs all in one place instead of having multiple disparate initiatives. On top of that Awardco has helped First Choice Health make managing all their programs much easier through automation and consolidation. They've even started new recognition programs, and entirely changed the way they offer service awards—saving time, money, and the sanity of the HR team.

Setting people free to do their best work.

Soon after the initial success of service award administration, First Choice Health started using Awardco for birthdays, peer-to-peer recognition, manager-to-peer recognitions, and even holiday programs—all of which were either small initiatives or completely non-existent programs before. In unifying their processes under one umbrella, First Choice Health simplified their processes, increased their capabilities, and saw increased participation from employees in their recognition programs throughout the whole company. And that was the biggest win: being able to focus on the people more than the process.

“Before we had Awardco I’d have to send out physical cards, anniversary pins, and certificates manually via our in-house mailroom or the Post Office. I was happy to do it but it did take a lot of time to keep track of everything, and it was a challenge to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks. Now I can look at my calendar and see the upcoming service anniversaries and feel confident that they’ll be taken care of." - Mary-Jane Padullo, HR and Corporate Resources.

Setting people free to do their best work.

Setting people free to do their best work.

“Awardco has given us the opportunity to figure out how to put that personal touch back into recognition even if employees are remote. ”
Mary-Jane Padullo
HR and Corporate Resources

First Choice Health

First Choice Health is a physician and hospital-owned company serving over one million people in Washington and the Northwest since 1985. With access to healthcare providers within a robust and powerful network, First Choice Health is built to support members in every step of the healthcare journey.
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