Fueling Retention and Morale With Recognition

MagnaFlow aimed to boost morale and cut turnover. To accomplish those goals, they decided to try employee recognition—they found Awardco.

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Seamless implementation
Reduced turnover
Increased engagement


How do you increase engagement and retention in a high-pressure industry?

MagnaFlow needed a way to raise engagement and lower turnover without convoluted implementation or a budget-breaking price. They decided that employee recognition could be a solution—but did it work?

Seamless Implementation

Seamless Implementation

After vetting multiple companies, MagnaFlow decided on Awardco because of all the features Awardco’s platform offers. But before they could start recognizing and seeing an ROI, they had to get through the dreaded implementation phase.

Luckily, implementation was a breeze for MagnaFlow’s admins.

“Implementation was great—it was so easy and seamless, and Awardco was always willing to help whenever I had any questions or concerns.” - Sonia Magdaleno, Talent and Engagement Specialist at MagnaFlow

Easy implementation meant that MagnaFlow was able to customize their platform’s branding, create multiple recognition programs that fit their culture, and dive right into recognition without any delays.

Impressive ROI

MagnaFlow was able to cross “easy implementation” off their to-do list, but what about the ROI they were hoping for? Did implementing employee recognition help them with their goals of improving engagement and retention? The answer is a resounding yes! 

“Our turnover definitely went down after implementing Awardco, especially compared to the previous year. We’ve noticed that recognition, along with rewards like Amazon items and prepaid Visa cards, has had a big impact on retention…without being a huge cost to the company.” - Sonia M.

After MagnaFlow quickly and easily created customized recognition programs that reached all of their employees in all their departments, their people are happier and feel more valued, which makes them want to stick around.

Impressive ROI

Impressive ROI

With Awardco’s simple implementation, MagnaFlow has quickly seen increased employee engagement, retention, and happiness.

Recognition has allowed managers to shine the light on employees who aren’t normally in the spotlight. This has improved morale as far as employees enjoying work and feeling more valued.
Sonia Magdaleno
Talent and Engagement Specialist


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