Crafting a Recognition Program for Everyone

MasterBrand Cabinets wanted to reshape their culture. With Awardco’s help, they’ve crafted recognition programs that are simple and effective, uplifting all of their employees no matter where they work.

At A Glance

16,000+ users
16 recognition programs
Recognition for in-office AND production floor employees

About MasterBrand Cabinets

As the largest cabinet manufacturer in North America, MasterBrand Cabinets Inc. offers designers a powerful portfolio of more than 15 nationally distributed cabinetry brands, including Aristokraft, Decorá, Diamond, Schrock, Kemper, Homecrest, KitchenCraft, Omega, Mid Continent, Ultracraft and Starmark. With options ranging from standard to custom, designers can rely on MasterBrand to offer high-quality cabinetry solutions for kitchens, baths and areas throughout the home.

The Challenge

Can you achieve consistency in employee rewards and recognition when your workforce is split between office and manufacturing jobs?

MasterBrand Cabinets wanted to use a modern recognition program to thank their 14,000+ dedicated craftsmen for all their hard work. However, with a workforce consisting of both office workers and manufacturing production floor teams, MasterBrand wasn’t sure they could find an employee recognition program that was nimble enough to handle their specific needs.

“Awardco has created a cultural shift that has really been positive for us.”

Ali Daunhauer
HR Director of Organizational Transformation

The Solution

Emphasizing Simplicity and Efficacy

Prior to Awardco, MasterBrand didn't have a consistent budget, and they didn't have a consistent (or effective) way to recognize employees. The result of these difficulties was that HR leaders and managers were more focused on figuring out the system than they were on promoting actual recognition—and employees weren’t being recognized because of it.

With Awardco, MasterBrand has provided a clearer and simpler way to manage rewards and recognition that drives the culture of recognition and achievement from leaders to associates. With a clean, easy-to-use platform, admins can quickly and easily see where money is coming and going and manage (and promote) recognitions in a streamlined way. Less time worrying about logistics means more time celebrating the awesome teams and people!

The Solution

Involving Everyone

An automated recognition program wouldn’t solve all of the problems MasterBrand Cabinets was running into, however. Because over 70% of their workforce is production associates (or people who don’t use a computer), recognition—both receiving and giving it—was hard to come by.

So MasterBrand took advantage of the customizability of Awardco to create a program that reaches everyone. They were able to tie a large portion of their recognition budget to associates directly instead of managers. That means anyone—people working in the office or on the production floor—who sees someone else going above and beyond can recognize them and hand out points.

As more people realized they could easily recognize the people around them through Awardco’s platform, the employees of MasterBrand have been able to form a greater sense of camaraderie and a stronger foundation of recognition across all teams.

Not only does MasterBrand now have the visibility and ease-of-access to their recognition budget, they can also more judiciously direct their programs so that more employees can participate in their evolving culture—no matter if they’re in front of a computer or not. This nimbleness and flexibility has seen usage rise, and MasterBrand sees that trend continuing into the future.

“Before, our visibility to our spend was quite limited…but centralizing everything in the Awardco platform has enabled us to have visibility and provide consistency as it relates to budgeting and recognition for the culture.”

Brenda Neuhoff
Director of Total Rewards

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