Getting Leadership Buy-In for an Employee Recognition System

Employee recognition has taken off at a break-neck pace, and SEF Energy is already seeing improvements in their culture, employee satisfaction, and engagement.

At A Glance

Easy adoption for all
Rewarding reward network
Customizable recognition programs

About SEF Energy

SEF Energy is the parent company of Downing and Oso Perforating, and they have one goal in mind: to provide the highest quality equipment, technology and services while continuing to innovate and make the industry better. Their employees and their culture are key to accomplishing that mission.

The Challenge

How do you obtain leadership buy-in for an employee recognition system?

As a parent company to two other organizations in the manufacturing, oil, and gas industries, SEF Energy wanted to find a way to recognize and appreciate all of their employees, both those who work at desks and those on their feet all day. 

Their HR team also knew that, in order to be the most effective, they needed to find a recognition system that really impressed the management team—they needed buy-in.

“Awardco allows everything to support our key values and our mission, which is very important to us because that strengthens our culture.”

Lauren Long
HR Operations Manager at SEF Energy

The Solution

Top-Down Ease of Use

The top challenge SEF Energy faced was finding an employee recognition software that was easy, simple, and intuitive for everyone (including the employees who don’t work at a desk). And with three different companies and hundreds of employees, that was no easy task.

SEF Energy integrated the Awardco platform with their new HR system, automated their programs and processes, and used Awardco’s mobile capabilities to reach every employee. Now it’s easier than ever for leaders and peers to recognize anyone they want.

Employees are even recognizing peers across different branches and locations, and even the presidents, executives, and leaders have started enthusiastically recognizing those around them.

The Solution

Customization for Key Value Support

SEF Energy takes pride in their culture and values, and they wanted to reinforce the behaviors and attitudes they hope to see in their workforce. To that end, SEF Energy was able to create five different recognition programs for employees and managers to use, such as a spotlight program, service award program, and an excellence program.

Each program is tailored and customized to support their key values and their mission. And with both peer-to-peer and manager-to-employee recognition capabilities, everyone at SEF Energy can give a shoutout to those who deserve it.

“We haven’t heard one bad thing about Awardco from our employees. It’s taken off much better than we expected it to because the employees love it.”

Lauren Long
HR Operations Manager at SEF Energy

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