Stress-Free Implementation for Employee Recognition

Ampirical aims to make employee recognition a big part of their HR efforts going forward, no matter how big they get.

At A Glance

Phenomenal customer service
Effortless implementation
Expansive customization

About Ampirical

Ampirical has been shaping the T&D industry with cutting edge innovation since 2006, and they continue to push the boundaries of 3D design and the electrical power industry—all while keeping projects on time, on budget, and high quality.

The Challenge

How do you successfully implement a completely new employee recognition system while expanding?

Over the past few years, Ampirical has nearly tripled their employee count and expanded into five locations across the nation. As they continue to grow, they wanted to find and implement a modern employee recognition system that would allow them to maintain a healthy, exciting culture, without adding much work.

“The onboarding process was very encouraging. We weren’t given the program and told to figure it out on our own—we’ve had someone to lean on the entire time, someone who helped us navigate this big, company-wide change.”

Ryan Zeller
Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager

The Solution

Easiest Implementation Ever

Implementing a company-wide change is hard, no matter how big a company is. But with Ampirical, who continues to expand, this was a challenge they were especially aware of. However, with Awardco by their side, the implementation process was a breeze. Ampirical was able to create an award-winning Life Event program from the start, which really got employees excited.

Ampirical employees from all over the country say they love the program and appreciate that they can get recognized for their work and their life events, even if they’re not located at their headquarters.

The Solution

Super Scalable Solutions

Ampirical isn’t done with just a phenomenal Life Events program. No, they want to expand. They plan to implement a manager-to-peer program and an employee of the month program in the next year. Plus, Ampirical wants to provide more training for their employees to make their peer-to-peer recognition program even better—and Awardco is happy to help.

The future is bright for Ampirical, and they’re excited to continue to both grow as a company and expand their recognition and reward options with Awardco.

“We’re doing a lunch and learn, and our client success rep is helping us create a training and recordings on the platform to show employees how to properly use it. It's very rare that you find a company willing to spend the time to make sure you’re properly equipped.”

Ryan Zeller
Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager

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