Maintaining a Culture of Recognition

Black Hills Exteriors has grown from a small company to an organization with over 50 people. That growth made it hard for leaders to work with each employee individually, which could harm their culture. They wanted a solution to ensure their employees always felt valued, even through growth.

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At A Glance

Every employee can recognize and be recognized
Custom recognition budgets to fit needs
Improved work culture and employee happiness


How do you keep an intimate, value-driven culture with a growing business?

Black Hills Exteriors’ CEO had a problem: it was getting harder and harder to maintain a culture of employee support and appreciation as the company got bigger and bigger. They wanted to find a customizable solution that allowed everyone to participate in building a fun and rewarding culture. That’s when they found Awardco.

A Memorable Solution the Entire Team Got Behind

A Memorable Solution the Entire Team Got Behind

Awardco isn’t just for leaders to hand out kudos—it allows everyone to recognize and reward the people around them, from entry-level employees to the executive team. And employees love that they can both recognize and be recognized by each other. Through implementing this far-reaching recognition, Black Hills Exteriors’ culture is happier, their morale is higher, and their employees are more excited to work than ever before.

Black Hills Exteriors has seen more employee referrals than ever before because employees enjoy working there more than ever before.

I believe that if you have a good heart as an owner, and you truly want to show employees that you care, a platform like Awardco is the best way to do so.
CEO of Black Hills Exteriors

Black Hills Exteriors

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