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Recognition Programs

We help our clients become the hero in their own story.

Service Awards

Celebrating service anniversary milestones is the standard in most organizations—and for good reason! Unfortunately most organizations do the bare minimum and miss out on a chance to create an incredible experience.

How it works.

Automate when service awards trigger and are sent to employees, customize the messaging, and reward points based on tenure. Include peers by activating MemoryBooks™—and help every employee feel appreciated on their anniversary. No more forgotten anniversaries or rushed gift-giving. Let your employees know you truly care by never forgetting another milestone.

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We help our clients become the hero in their own story.

Birthday Programs

Everyone has a birthday, and it’s a great chance to celebrate your people just for being who they are. Set up automated reminders so you’re sure to remember everyone’s special day, and make it even more memorable by awarding some points!

How it works.

Birthday programs with Awardco consist of pre-set reminders for upcoming birthdays and automated birthday messages that go out to each employee on their birthday. Set up birthday programs that reward points (or not), create a personalized message, and set triggers for when messages are sent. Create rapport, build culture, and enhance the workplace experience for your employees!

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We help our clients become the hero in their own story.

Holiday Programs

Holidays are a fantastic way to get every employee in on the celebration. No matter what holidays you or your employees celebrate, you can create any custom holiday program on the platform and make celebrations more meaningful and inclusive.

How it works.

Design your own holiday programs in Awardco. Customize the look, the messaging, and any automations you like. Tie each program to a specific reward network and make holidays more personal for everyone, whether they’re in-office or not.

We help our clients become the hero in their own story.

Spot Recognition Programs

When an employee does something great, they deserve to be recognized. Spot recognition programs make this easy, and Awardco is the perfect marriage of technology and physical recognition to empower you to recognize great work any time, anywhere.

How it works.

Create and customize spot recognition programs—from their messaging right down to the imagery you use. Set up automations, create specific reward networks, and allow anyone to participate with permissions and approvals set by you. Drive behavior and build culture with programs that tie back to your company values, and see your organization thrive.

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We help our clients become the hero in their own story.

Onboarding Programs

An employee’s first impression of your organization during their onboarding can influence their trajectory for years to come. Make every onboarding experience seamless and memorable with rewarding recognition.

How it works.

Setting up an onboarding program consists of writing a welcome message that will be automated to send to every new hire. On a set date the new hire will receive that message and predetermined points in the Awardco platform for them to redeem from the rewards network or save. Onboarding programs can also be integrated with your current communication channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams so everyone can participate in welcoming the new hire.

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