Making the Service Industry More Rewarding

With employee recognition, Quick Quack Car Wash was able to drastically lower turnover and create a more supportive and rewarding culture—it’s a win-win.

At A Glance

Happier team members
Rewarding recognition programs
20% lower turnover

About Quick Quack Car Wash

Quick Quack began in 2004 as an idea and a desire by a few business partners. The desire was to wake up every morning feeling that their efforts were changing lives for the better. The idea was to achieve that desire by way of an outstanding car wash product and an amazing work environment. From a single car wash in Sacramento, California, the business quickly grew to a handful of locations. Then, in 2008, the company doubled in size by acquiring a small chain of car washes in northwest Texas named Quick Quack Car Wash. Shortly following the acquisition, the Quick Quack name was adopted across all 13 locations. Headquartered in Roseville, California, Quick Quack now owns and operates over 180 locations across Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, and Utah, with continued growth throughout these regions. Quick Quack takes pride in having been awarded “The Best of…” or “The Favorite” car wash in every community where a Quick Quack can be found. Additionally, Quick Quack has been recognized as a leader in establishing an environmentally friendly and sustainable business. As the company continues to grow, the founding partners never lose sight of the Quick Quack mission to Change Lives for The Better. Through their Random Quacks of Kindness, community fundraisers and organization sponsorships, Quick Quack is honored to give back to the communities they serve.

The Challenge

How do you keep employees happy and excited in a challenging service industry?

Quick Quack Car Wash has expanded from 17 locations to over 180 in the past few years, and they’ve made great efforts to expand in a sustainable way. However, working in a challenging service industry isn’t easy, especially during a pandemic, cancel culture, the Great Resignation, and economic turmoil. They wanted to enhance their culture to make work more enjoyable for all.

“Awardco has made employees' lives easier. Working outside in the elements with the customers can be tough, but being recognized, seen, heard, and valued makes it easier.”

Christina Castro
Training Leader at Quick Quack Car Wash

The Solution

Better Employee Experience = 20% Lower Turnover

While some turnover is normal, especially for the service industry, Quick Quack wanted to create a business culture that employees enjoy. Leadership knew that by focusing on improving the employee experience, including implementing recognition programs with Awardco, they could make a workplace that employees love being at.

With different employee reward programs designed for retention, including a six-month retention reward, generous service anniversaries, and yearly MemoryBooks, employees are more excited to stay than ever—and turnover has gone down by 20%.

The Solution

Get Everyone Involved—Including Leadership

With nearly two hundred locations in an unpredictable, energetic industry, employees and teams regularly help out at other locations. And Quick Quack’s admins have seen people recognize and reward employees from different teams and locations, building a culture of unity and collaboration.

But it’s not just employees that are getting involved. Leadership is excited to see the spread of recognition, and they’ve fully bought-in on the ROI of Awardco. A culture of recognition from the top down? That’s almost as good as a freshly cleaned car.

Awardco is such a perfect fit for changing lives for the better.

Christina Castro
Training Leader at Quick Quack Car Wash

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