June 30, 2022
January 20, 2021

5 Techniques to Create a Culture of Recognition in the Workplace

Employee Recognition for a Modern Workforce
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There's a lot more to building a positive company culture through employee recognition than just presenting a gift. It should be obvious that giving your employee a mug in appreciation is usually a less-than-ideal choice, right? 

More important than giving cheap gifts is developing an employee recognition program that creates a culture where employees are engaged and feel valued.

Why Does Employee Recognition Matter?

The question does need to be asked, and we're happy to answer! Recognition matters because we're all human beings with an intrinsic value that deserves to be celebrated. On top of celebrating everyone, recognizing those high performers and rewarding those true MVPs is the sure-fire way to build a culture of recognition (more on that later!). Speaking simply, recognition matters because every human matters. We all deserve to be seen and appreciated. All too often employees feel invisible, and yet still come to work day after day. If you've ever felt invisible at work, you know that's not ideal, and definitely not ideal for the organization as a whole. Recognition is a basic human right, and we're here to champion that thought until we're blue in the face.

5 Employee Recognition Techniques That You Can Use With Awardco

Forbes has published an article showcasing research they conducted on employee recognition. Included in the article are five best practices companies can implement for higher productivity and lower attrition. In other words, they showcase five ways to improve employee engagement through recognition.

Let's take a brief look at each best practice and see how Awardco can help create a culture of recognition and gratitude in your office.

1. Recognize People Based on Specific Results and Behaviors

Timely, appropriate, specific recognition can mean the difference between a ceramic mug and a meaningful gift—even if that gift is a handwritten card! With Awardco, you can improve your recognition efforts in many ways, and you can recognize individuals or groups. Include different recognition programs for sales incentives, new hires, account managers, or any other group you can imagine. Recognize and reward based on those group (or individual) specific metrics and build cohesive teams that achieve goals together, and scale those programs as your teams grow. 

2. Implement Peer-to-Peer Recognition—Not Top Down

Recognition from leaders has less impact than you may think. While HR managers believe this is a key criteria for success, employees told us that they feel much better when they are recognized by their peers.”

Let your employees celebrate each other through peer recognition programs. Providing a space for shout-outs, congratulations, and support can build team unity. With Awardco’s peer-to-peer platform, you can empower your employees to recognize and reward each other—and you can have a public feed to display all the recognitions that are sure to come with such a program to let everyone see how well their peers are doing. Another great thing about peer-to-peer recognition? It doesn't have to be about budget. Saying "nice job" or "thank you" is free, in fact.

3. Share Recognition Stories

With Awardco's powerful reporting capabilities, you can easily track the rewards and recognitions given within your platform. These reports can be used to see an overview of recognitions and can easily help managers share recognition stories with others as they see them come through. Celebrating achievements encourages an atmosphere of gratitude and can have a big impact on your company culture. 

4. Make Recognition Easy and Frequent

“Make it trivially simple for employees to recognize each other.”

While many companies have a recognition program of some kind, it is often underutilized or forgotten. With Awardco's capabilities, you can automate your recognition programs and apply them to your team, department, or entire organization with ease. Recognizing can be as easy as writing a tweet, complete with hashtags!

5. Tie Recognition to Your Own Company Values or Goals

Every company has its own unique culture. The skills and attributes necessary for the success of your employees are different from those in the office next door, and rightly so! Using Awardco's platform to recognize and reward employees with company-specific values is a great way to tie achievements back to the organization's goals. Track these recognitions and values easily by creating hashtags that highlight your values and watch the recognitions start rolling in—and watch your company build a culture of recognition that is the envy of all your competitors.

Build a Culture of Recognition

Once you've tied your company values to recognition, you're well on your way to creating a culture of recognition in the workplace. A true culture of recognition is a cycle and includes three things:

  • When employees demonstrate company values, they show that they are exemplifying the behavior you'd like to encourage.
  • When that behavior is shown, it needs to be seen by someone, and most importantly recognized in a timely, appropriate manner.
  • Once you've given recognition for the behavior, it needs to be rewarded in order to be truly felt by the employee. Rewards don't always have to be monetary either. The reward could just be a positive and encouraging interaction with a manager!

Developing an Employee Recognition Program

Employee recognition and engagement is Awardco's bread and butter, and we want to share that with you and help drive your programs to new heights. With rewarding recognition, we can help you change the way your organization recognizes and appreciates its employees and improve engagement across the board. Schedule a demo today!

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