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Show care during Nurses Appreciation Week!

Healthcare workers put everything into their work—give a little something back.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has strained people from all industries and all walks of life. But perhaps the people most affected by this global emergency are our healthcare workers. The people on the front line who put everything on the table to make sure the rest of us get the care we need. With Nurses Appreciation Week, we have a chance to thank them for the work that they do.

Nurses Appreciation Week starts on May 6th, and if you work in the healthcare industry, it’s the perfect time to recognize the work done around you and celebrate the people who make healthcare happen.

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Show nurses that they matter.

Nurses have been fighting a deadly virus for the past two years in addition to taking care of regular healthcare needs, and they’ve done it willingly and without complaint. However, the long hours and dangerous work has taken a toll on them. 72% of nurses are suffering from psychological distress, and 50% of them suffer from depression that stems from workplace stress, feelings of isolation, and the fear of bringing disease home to their families. Plus, 70% of nurses report feeling burnt out at their jobs.

And yet they continue to work and help people stay safe and healthy. With Nurses Appreciation Week, you have the perfect opportunity to thank them for what they do and help them feel refreshed in their work. Whether that’s through a hand-written note, a community-driven thank you, a free meal, or even an extra day of vacation, nurses and healthcare workers need to know that they are valued and appreciated.

How can appreciation help?

Will a simple “thank you” really make that big of a difference to nurses? The answer to this is a resounding yes! In fact, the easiest way to improve employee morale and engagement is recognition. Take a look at some of these stats:

  • 74% of employees who receive praise say they feel valuable.
  • 80% of employees agree that recognition improves their experience, engagement, and happiness.

Keep in mind, recognition will mean the most when it’s personalized.

Will recognition make a nurse's job easier or less dangerous? No, not really. But will recognition make nurses feel valued and cared for, which can alleviate feelings of stress, isolation, and burnout? You bet your bottom dollar. And our frontline healthcare workers deserve every bit of appreciation we send their way.

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