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Celebrating Chinese New Year in the Workplace

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We've created ready-to-use celebration kits to take the pressure off preparing for, and celebrating, all the most common office holidays. Get useful tips, fun ideas, and handy downloadables to make the day something truly worth celebrating. 

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Celebrating holidays at work, or with remote coworkers, can be a particular challenge. Our celebration kits are designed to bridge that gap, give you ideas and resources, and help build your company culture. In this celebration kit we talk about how to celebrate Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, with your colleagues and remote co-workers. This festive holiday is not only an opportunity to honor a rich cultural tradition but also to enhance employee engagement, boost morale, and foster a sense of inclusivity within your workplace.

Cultural Decor and Themes 

Transform your workplace into a vibrant and festive environment by incorporating Chinese New Year decorations. Display red lanterns, lucky red banners, and traditional Chinese symbols throughout the office. Use red, which symbolizes luck and happiness, as the predominant color in your decorations. Encourage employees to embrace the festive spirit by wearing traditional Chinese attire or accessories. 

Be sure to respectfully celebrate this holiday without crossing any lines. A great way to do this is to carefully select items and plan celebrations by incorporating those individuals in your workplace that also celebrate this holiday to ensure that things are celebrated appropriately. 

Team Potluck and Culinary Adventure 

Invite employees to participate in a potluck lunch featuring dishes inspired by Chinese cuisine. This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate diversity and learn about different cultures. Encourage team members to share their favorite Chinese recipes and the stories behind them. You can even organize a cooking competition where teams collaborate to create authentic dishes. Be sure to get as many people involved as possible!

Virtual Cultural Exchange 

For remote teams, celebrate Chinese New Year through a virtual cultural exchange. Encourage team members to share their own cultural traditions, celebrations, and stories. Consider hosting a lunch and learn activity with people in your organization that celebrate Lunar New Year, and incorporate, if possible, instruments, singing songs, or sharing stories about cultural heritage.

Red Envelopes and Employee Rewards 

In Chinese culture, red envelopes (hongbao) containing money are exchanged as a symbol of good luck. Adapt this tradition by giving employees digital "red envelopes" with personalized messages of appreciation. (Pro tip: you can do this digitally through Awardco.) You can also include digital gift cards or small incentives as tokens of recognition. 

Performance Recognition and Team Bonding 

Combine celebration with recognition by acknowledging outstanding performance. Recognize team members who have gone above and beyond by publicly acknowledging their contributions during a team meeting or virtual gathering. Highlight their achievements and how they embody the spirit and culture of your organization. 

This not only boosts morale but also reinforces the connection between recognition and positive performance outcomes.

Interactive Cultural Workshops 

Host interactive workshops to provide employees with insights into Chinese culture. Arrange activities like calligraphy lessons, tea ceremonies, or Tai Chi sessions with practitioners and individuals that are culturally close to Chinese culture. 

These workshops not only offer an opportunity for team members to learn new skills but also facilitate team bonding and collaboration in a fun and engaging way.

Welcome in the Lunar New Year

As you celebrate Chinese New Year, remember that embracing diversity and inclusion strengthens your company culture and fosters a sense of belonging among your employees. By integrating these cultural celebrations with your recognition initiatives, you can create a workplace that values and appreciates each team member's unique contributions. 

Be sure to include as many people as possible in your planning efforts so that you can be open to celebrating such a wonderful holiday in appropriate ways.

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