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How to Celebrate Halloween at Work

Scary good tips for a hauntingly good time.

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We've created ready-to-use celebration kits to take the pressure off preparing for, and celebrating, all the most common office holidays. Get useful tips, fun ideas, and handy downloadables to make the day something truly worth celebrating. 

Halloween Office-Friendly Playlist
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Spooky sounds and groovy ghoulish tunes for your office Halloween party.

How are you celebrating the spooky season? While some people like tricks and some like treats, there are some sweet ways to celebrate Halloween in the workplace—and we’re here to help with ideas and downloadable assets to make Halloween extra special.

Form a party-planning committee.

Contrary to how it was depicted on the hit show The Office, a party-planning committee can be a great way to spread the work instead of having one person trying to put together an entire party by themselves. Delegate tasks to different people and different departments and have everyone brainstorm ideas. 

Send a company-wide email.

An easy way to celebrate is to send a company-wide email wishing everyone a happy Halloween! And guess what, we just happen to have some templates for that. 

Get involved in your community.

Consider doing something for the community. You could open your doors to local Trick-or-Treaters during the business day and invite your employees to bring their own families. Decorate your office and have candy or small items to give away. You could even give away branded swag. 

If you’re not sure where to start, ask around. Some communities are already doing this, especially if you are around the city center. If not, ask the businesses around you to participate as well and start a new community tradition! 

Hanging Happy Halloween Poster at the Office
Make your spaces spooky.

Choose a theme.

The great thing about Halloween is that it’s expanded to many different genres. You can go the vampires, goblin, witch route or you can branch out into something that fits more with your business. If you work in television, you could choose villains from television or recreate scenes from Halloween episodes of television. If you’re a food business you could make a special item or redress an item to give it a Halloween theme. 

Have a team workspace decorating contest.

Friendly competitions can help people get in the spirit of things. Encourage your teams to decorate their areas and hold a competition to see who has the spookiest, the most innovative, or the funniest decorating ideas! We’ve seen cardboard castles, Minecraft, the Batcave, haunted houses, someone who brought in actual grass, and more. What will your teams create?

Decorate the office.

If you work in an office with people in it, consider some minimal decorations to help people celebrate the day. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, either—and we’ve made it easy with a kit (LINK) of digital downloads for TV display, posters in break rooms, and even a social media template for your social media. 

Set the mood.

Blast some spooky sounds. We made a playlist for your Halloween office parties. Spoiler alert: Monster Mash is on there. 

Set costume guidelines ahead of time.

Set guidelines for what is a “work appropriate” costume. If you have a dress code you want to enforce, make sure you tell everyone beforehand so people can plan their costumes accordingly. This could include no masks for safety and security concerns or no weapons even if they’re fake. 

Choose guidelines that work best for your workplace and then be consistent in how they’re enforced.

Offer something besides sugar.

Think about the people who don’t like sugar. If you’re having an office party, consider what other treats you can have that don’t necessarily have sugar in them. Chex mix, chips, vegetable and fruit trays, etc.

Allow people to opt out.

There may be significant reasons why people don’t celebrate certain holidays so make sure there is never too much pressure to participate. If your particular company culture isn’t much into Halloween you could always celebrate fall with seasonal treats or have another theme to your party. 

Let everyone go home early.

A little time off always boosts morale, and Halloween is a great opportunity to do that. You don’t want people to miss out on seeing their kids get dressed up and even those without kids will appreciate some extra time to do whatever they want for the holiday.

Give employees points for their holiday celebrations!

Want to give people some extra money to celebrate their holidays? Give them points in the Awardco platform that they can use for their costumes, candy, or Halloween decorations.

Download our kit of digital assets.

We put together a sweet kit with email templates, social posts, and more to help you celebrate the holidays

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