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8 New Years Office Party Ideas

New year, new you. And new party ideas!

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We've created ready-to-use celebration kits to take the pressure off preparing for, and celebrating, all the most common office holidays. Get useful tips, fun ideas, and handy downloadables to make the day something truly worth celebrating. 

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Happy New Year! You may think of fancy parties with glitter and disco balls, but there are ways to celebrate at work too. How do you celebrate a New Year party in the office? We have some ideas and a digital kit to get you started.

Happy New Year! Poster on Wall
A pop of color to ring in the new year!

1. Make a toast.

Bring in the new year by toasting the year behind you, the great future ahead, and the hard work of your team members. Uncork a bottle of sparkling juice or another fizzy beverage and recognize all the great work that’s happened and all the good things to come.

2. Send a company-wide email.

Maybe that doesn’t sound like much of a celebration, but it’s likely many of your employees won’t be in the office on or around New Years Day so sending out an email is a good way to reach everyone. We even made some email templates you can use. 

3. Count down to the new year with happy memories.

Invite everyone to share a highlight from the past year. This could be with notes taped on a wall or shared on Slack or within your employee recognition platform.

4. Recognize each other.

You can create a peer-to-peer recognition program specifically for “reviewing the year” and encourage everyone to recognize one of their team members for something they’ve done in the past year. 

5. Celebrate the successes of the last year.

Celebrate overall wins in the company. Did you hit major milestones? Hit sales goals? Add 100 new employees? Celebrate all these accomplishments as a group with bonuses, rewards, or points in the Awardco platform. 

6. Set goals.

The new year is a great time to set some new goals. We know that doesn’t sound like a fun celebration. But you could throw a party to launch your new goals. Buy lunch, have treats, and talk about your new goals! 

7. Launch new values or announcements.

The new year can be a great time to launch some new core company values or rebrand your business. Launch your new brand with a big announcement and hand out company swag.  

8. Buy everyone treadmill desks.

Okay, maybe you don’t have the budget for this, but what can you add to the office to help people with their new year’s goals? A lot of people set health goals at this time. It’s a great time to launch a company-wide wellness program.

Are your employees remote?

There are plenty of ways to celebrate remotely. Do a toast over Zoom, send out a personalized card with Awardco points attached, plan out a digital party. Just because you’re not all in the same place, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! 

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